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Center for Advancing Innovation

The Center for Advancing Innovation is a registered 501 non-profit organization, headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, with a mission to accelerate technology transfer and commercialization. CAI was founded by Rosemarie Truman, a consultant and former VP of Global Strategy at Marsh & McLennan. Rosemarie was also a senior manager at Oracle and Goldman Sachs and led R&D and innovation strategy practice globally at IBM. CAI is a partner of The Founder Institute, BIO, J&Js JLABs, AstraZeneca, the Walton Family Foundation, the Brain Tumour Charity, the Silicon Valley Community Foundation ...

Innovate UK

Innovate UK is the United Kingdoms innovation agency. It is a non-departmental public body operating at arms length from the Government as part of the United Kingdom Research and Innovation organisation.

Institute of Knowledge Transfer

The Institute of Knowledge Transfer is the sole accredited professional body open to all those who predominantly work in the broad and emerging profession of knowledge transfer.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is a partly government-funded programme to encourage collaboration between businesses and universities in the United Kingdom.

Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology

The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology is a quasi government-public institute under the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Formed in May 2009, the main functions of KIAT include analyzing and formulating Korean R&D and industrial policy, acting as an industrial technology innovation funding agency, creating Koreas industrial and technological ecosystem, and fostering international technological cooperation. KIAT has an annual budget of circa one billion dollars, and employs 257 staff.

Materials Knowledge Transfer Network

The Materials Knowledge Transfer Network was a UK-based knowledge transfer organisation; as of 2016, it has been superseded by the Knowledge Transfer Network. The KTN is a network that brings together the views of those in business, design, research and technology organisations, trade associations, the financial market, academia and others across a wide variety of scientific fields.


PraxisAuril, formerly known as PraxisUnico, is a UK based non-profit national professional association for Knowledge Exchange & Commercialisation practitioners.

Technology transfer

Technology transfer, also called transfer of technology, is the process of transferring technology from the person or organization that owns or holds it to another person or organization. It occurs along various axes: among universities, from universities to businesses, from large businesses to smaller ones, from governments to businesses, across geopolitical borders, both formally and informally, and both openly and surreptitiously. Often it occurs by concerted effort to share skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing, and facilities among governm ...

UK Energy Research Centre

The UK Energy Research Centre is the focal point for UK research on sustainable energy, and is central to the Research Councils Energy Programme. The centre has its headquarters at the campus of Imperial College, London, providing support to 70 researchers based in 11 universities and research institutions across the UK: UCL; Strathclyde; Leeds; Imperial College London; Exeter; Sussex; the University of East Anglia; the Plymouth Marine Laboratory; Cardiff; Oxford; Aberdeen. The organisation takes an independent, whole-systems approach, drawing on technical and non-technical disciplines inc ...


Unico was a technology transfer organisation that represented the Technology Exploitation companies of UK Universities. It was founded in 1994. In October 2009 it merged with Praxis and is now known as PraxisUnico. Unicos website stated that "It provides a forum for exchange and development of best practice. Member companies transfer technology and expertise through the formation of Spin-out companies, licensing, consultancy, training, design and development projects, contract research, testing and evaluation, and problem solving."