ⓘ Accidental incest is sexual activity or marriage between persons who were unaware of a family relationship between them which would be considered incestuous. Th ..


ⓘ Accidental incest

Accidental incest is sexual activity or marriage between persons who were unaware of a family relationship between them which would be considered incestuous.

The laws of many jurisdictions void incestuous marriages, even if entered into without awareness of the kinship. If an incestuous relationship is suspected, DNA testing may be used. Some jurisdictions permit offspring of IVF donations access to donation records or to adoption records.


1. Causes

People may be unaware of a kinship relationship between them in a number of circumstances. For example, artificial insemination with an anonymous donated sperm may result in offspring being unaware of any biological relations, such as paternity or half siblings. To reduce the likelihood of accidental incest, fertility clinics usually limit the number of times that a donors sperm may be used. Some countries have laws limiting the number of children a donor can father, while others limit sperm donations based on family numbers to enable one family to have true siblings.

Taiwan allows those conceived by artificial means to find out if they are related to a person they are considering marrying.

Accidental incest may also arise in the following situations:

  • Child abandonment
  • Children separated from their family at birth
  • Sexual exploration

2. Notable cases

  • An engaged couple in South Africa, who had been together for five years and were expecting a child, discovered that they were brother and sister just before their wedding. They were raised separately and met as adults in college. Just before the wedding, their parents met and they came to realize that they were siblings. The couple broke off the relationship after the discovery.
  • In 2008, it was reported that a British brother and sister, who were twins separated at birth, married without knowing of their relationship. According to the report, the relationship was discovered soon after their wedding, and the marriage was annulled. The case has raised the issue regarding whether adoptions should be kept secret. Concerns have been raised, however, about whether the story is, in fact, true.
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