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Japanese chisel

The Japanese chisel or nomi is made on similar principles to the Japanese plane. There is a hard blade, called hagane attached to a softer piece of metal called the jigane.


The harisen is a giant paper fan, usually made in a closed fashion. It is most traditionally used as part of a manzai act, in which the straight man smacks the funny man in response to their jokes or idiocy.

Japanese plane

The Japanese plane or kanna is a plane pulled towards the user rather than pushed in the manner of western style planes. They are made of hardwood, usually Japanese white or red oak. The laminated steel and iron blade is stout compared to western planes. Tapered in length and thickness the plane blade is its own wedge as it fits into a correspondingly shaped mortice in the body of the plane. Thus dispensing the need for a separate wedge to hold the blade in place, as is the case in most other traditional wooden planes. The chip breaker is held in place with a simple nail inserted some dist ...

Japanese saw

The Japanese saw or nokogiri is a type of saw used in woodworking and Japanese carpentry that cuts on the pull stroke, unlike most European saws that cut on the push stroke. Japanese saws are the best known pull saws, but they are also used in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Nepal. Among European saws, both coping saws for woodworking and jewelers saws for metal working also cut on the pull stroke like Japanese saws. Cutting on the pull stroke is claimed to cut more efficiently and leave a narrower cut width. On the other hand, a pull stroke does not easily permit putting ones body weight behind a ...