ⓘ 1939 International University Games, Vienna. An International University Games was an international multi-sport event held between 20–27 August 1939 in Vienna, ..


ⓘ 1939 International University Games (Vienna)

An International University Games was an international multi-sport event held between 20–27 August 1939 in Vienna, German Reich, which had originally been scheduled as the official 1939 staging of the Summer International University Games awarded to Vienna by the Confederation Internationale des Etudiants in January 1938, prior to Austrias absorption into Nazi Germany by the Anschluss. The National Socialist German Students League withdrew from the CIE in May 1939, and the CIE at short notice moved its version of the 1939 International University Games to Monte Carlo.

The formal opening was by Bernhard Rust, the Reich Minister of Science, Education and Culture, on 20 August in the Prater Stadium, the main venue of the games. The NSDStB invited many nations to the Vienna games, but most entrants were nations affiliated with the Axis powers. The following countries were reported to have participated in the games: Kingdom of Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, German Reich, Kingdom of Hungary, Kingdom of Italy, Empire of Japan, Peru, Slovak Republic, Spanish State, Union of South Africa, Sweden, and Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation stated in 1940, "The results of the Monaco Games were much superior to those of the Vienna Games."


1. Other sports

Military sports were held at the games, reflecting the militarism of Nazi and fascist states. Other sports included tennis, boxing, field hockey Germany beat two Italian teams, basketball, swimming, handball, association football, rugby, rowing, fencing, gliding, and water polo won by Hungary.

  • The 1939 International University Games were organised by the Confederation Internationale des Etudiants CIE and held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. At these
  • an alternative university games in 1939 in Vienna in post - Anschluss Germany. The onset of World War II ceased all major international student sport activities
  • mathematics who met regularly from 1924 to 1936 at the University of Vienna chaired by Moritz Schlick. The Vienna Circle s influence on 20th - century philosophy
  • used, Vienna University of Technology is one of the major universities in Vienna Austria. The university has received extensive international and domestic
  • Vienna is the capital and a federal state of Austria. Vienna may also refer to: In Australia: Vienna Hunters Hill, a cottage in Hunters Hill, a suburb
  • the International University Games in 1939 There were two competing meetings that year, in Monte Carlo and Vienna Sir participated in the Vienna meet
  • his personal best 72.07 m in Tartu in July 1939 At that year s International University Games in Vienna he won the bronze medal with 66.79 m. He was
  • ruled Korea, winning gold in men s triple jump at the 1939 Vienna International University Games with a jump of 15.37 m. He topped the triple jump world
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