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Alai Balai

Balai is a cultural event held during the Navarathri festivities before Dassera. It showcases the life of people in State of Telangana. The festival aims to spread camaraderie and brotherhood among people.

Berlin Art Week

Berlin Art Week is a 6-day cultural event that takes place in Berlin, Germany, once a year in the fall and is organised by Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH. Berlin Art Week showcases contemporary art from all over the world, through events, exhibition openings, artist films and art fairs, spanning approximately 50 institutions, including established museums such as the Hamburger Bahnhof as well as a great number of independent galleries.

Bor, Mamor, Benye

Bor, Mamor, Benye Festival - festival in the gardens of Erdobenye was born in 2009 from an ideas session of six wineries in Hungary, Tokaj Wine Region, Erdobenye. The local wine makers, who later formed an association – have staged this gastro-cultural event every year since.

Doors Open Days

Doors Open Days or simply open days provide free access to buildings not normally open to the public. The first Doors Open Day took place in France in 1984, and the concept has spread to other places in Europe, North America, Australia and elsewhere. Doors Open Days promotes architecture and heritage sites to a wider audience within and beyond the countrys borders. It is an opportunity to discover hidden architectural gems and to see behind doors that are rarely open to the public for free. Open Doors Days trace their origin to the 1990 Door Open Day held as part of Glasgows year as Europe ...

Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung

The Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung, the" Free Berlin Art Exhibition” in Berlin, was" unique in its structure”. For 24 years, from 1971 to 1995, it was the only non-juried art exhibition of its size in Europe. It opened after the GroSe Berliner Kunstausstellung, the" Grand Berlin Art Exhibition”, a juried art exhibition, had closed its doors. Supported by the Senate of Berlin, an association, called the Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung was registered in 1970 with the goal to organize annual exhibitions. Hans-Joachim Zeidler became chairperson of this association for the first four years, fo ...

Heritage Week

Heritage Week is an annual nationwide set of hundreds of events organized by the Heritage Council in Ireland. They are a celebration of Irelands culture, history, gardens, and architecture that gives visitors free access to landmarks that are either usually pay to enter or not open to the public. The weeks attractions usually includes tours, events and activities related to history and culture. Heritage Week is part of the European Heritage Days, a joint action between the Council of Europe and the European Commission. There is a volunteer programme associated with the organization of the ...