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List of veterinarians

Veterinarians and veterinary surgeons are medical professionals who operate exclusively on animals. This is a list of notable veterinarians, both real and fictional.

Chief veterinary officer

Chief veterinary officer is the head of a veterinary authority. He or she has the responsibility and competence for ensuring or supervising the implementation in his nation of animal health and welfare measures, international veterinary certification and other standards and recommendations. The World Organization for Animal Health recognizes the notion of chief veterinary officers. The Council of the European Union also realizes the importance of the chief veterinary officers, and founded a preparatory body called Working Party of Chief Veterinary Officers. Typical responsibilities of a ch ...

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus, commonly referred to simply as Vegetius, was a writer of the Later Roman Empire. Nothing is known of his life or station beyond what is contained in his two surviving works: Epitoma rei militaris, and the lesser-known Digesta Artis Mulomedicinae, a guide to veterinary medicine. He identifies himself in the opening of his work Epitoma rei militaris as a Christian.

Abdullahi Idris Garba

Hon. Abdullahi Idris Garba is a Nigerian politician. He is a member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Kontagora/Wushishi/Mariga/Mashegu Federal Constituency. He was born on September 6, 1975. He is an indigene of Niger State from Kontagora Local Government Area. He had his primary education in Baptist Primary School. He then preceded to Government Secondary School where he had his secondary education. For his tertiary education, he studied at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and later went to University of Abuja. Prior to becoming a member of the House of Representatives, ...

Anna Meredith (veterinarian)

Anna Louise Meredith is the head of the Melbourne Veterinary School in the University of Melbourne Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences. She has previously served as Professor of Conservation Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, where she served as chairperson of zoological conservation medicine at the Royal School of Veterinary Studies.


Pelagonius was an influential Latin writer on veterinary medicine, especially on horses. He is one of the many authors whose work was compiled and preserved in the Hippiatrica. Remains of his texts still exist in Latin and Greek. One of his sources was Columella. He was used by Vegetius. There is an edition of his texts in Teubner 1980, De veterinaria medicina, by K.D. Fischer.

Robert Pope (runner)

Robert Pope is a British veterinarian, athlete and charity fundraiser. He is an elite distance runner, with a number of successes at the marathon and ultramarathon distances. In 2016 he began a 422-day, 15.700-mile run comprising more than 4 complete crossings of the United States, and became the first person to trace the route run by Tom Hanks fictional character in the film Forrest Gump. He raised approximately £38.000 for the charities Peace Direct and the World Wildlife Fund.