ⓘ Flow, software. In computing, Flow is middleware software which allows data-integration specialists to connect disparate systems ; transforming and restructurin ..


ⓘ Flow (software)

In computing, Flow is middleware software which allows data-integration specialists to connect disparate systems ; transforming and restructuring data as required between environments. Flow functionality can be utilised for data integration projects, for EDI and for data-conversion activities. Developed by Flow Software Ltd in New Zealand, Flow is available through a variety of partner companies or directly from Flow Software in New Zealand and Australia.

Integration software allows organisations to continue using existing applications, overcoming the need to customize or upgrade as their requirements change. By using integration software, many businesses benefit from reduced dependence on manual keying of data and the avoidance of costs and delays caused by keying errors.


1. Flow Software Features

Flow enables data management:

  • Notification of transactions and formats via reports
  • Transportation of data files, using various transport formats, including secure
  • Generation and consumption of data, accessioning from specified sets within structures
  • Specification of task work-flows
  • Transformation of data, within and between sets

1.1. Flow Software Features Data Transformation

A visual mapping engine is used to configure data transformation between data sets. Data can be restructured as it is transformed, thus allowing for dissimilar data structures between source and destination. Flow data access operates independently of the mapping layer. The applied mapping logic uses events containing Object Pascal code.


1.2. Flow Software Features Data Transportation

Flow transports generated data and files using the following formats:

  • POP
  • SOAP
  • SMTP
  • FTP
  • ebMS
  • Local file access
  • LAN

1.3. Flow Software Features User Interface

The Flow user interface allows users to create and processes, activate processes and view activity logs.

Email notifications of Flow process activity can also be configured.


1.4. Flow Software Features Actions

Flow uses predefined processing of events that can be executed either on schedule, or event driven. Actions and their results are logged and available via the user interface.

Actions include:

  • Generation of specific reports
  • Outward-bound transports of data or files
  • Windows-based shell commands
  • Selected SQL statements
  • Transformation of data or files
  • Custom plugin actions

1.5. Flow Software Features Reports

Flow includes a report writer based on the software Report Builder. The report writer can create custom notification reports providing users with details related to their transactions. Reports can be created in XML, PDF, JPEG and XLS. Reports can be embedded into email messages if required.

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