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Anticyra (Locris)

Anticyra was a town reported to be Locris in ancient Greece, but now believed to be an error of ancient commentators. The existence of two ancient towns named Anticyra in central Greece is accepted by mainstream scholarship: Anticyra and Anticyra in Thessaly. William Smith, writing in the mid-19th century, reported that the supposed Anticyra in Locris was identified as the same as the one in Phocis by most modern scholars. Livy, however, expressly says that the Locrian Anticyra was situated on the left hand in entering the Corinthian Gulf, and at a short distance both by sea land from Naup ...

Nebraska Man

Nebraska Man was a name applied to Hesperopithecus haroldcookii, a putative species of ape. It was heralded as the first higher primate of North America. It was originally described by Henry Fairfield Osborn in 1922, on the basis of a tooth found by rancher and geologist Harold Cook in Nebraska in 1917. Although Nebraska man was not a deliberate hoax, the original classification proved to be a mistake, and was retracted in 1927. Hesperopithecus means "ape of the western world," and haroldcookii was given as the species name in reference to Cook.


Runamo is a cracked dolerite dike in Sweden that was for centuries held to be a runic inscription and gave rise to a famous scholarly controversy in the 19th century. It is located 2.7 km from the church of Brakne-Hoby in Blekinge, in South-Sweden. For hundreds of years people said it was possible to read an inscription, and learned men referred to it. As early as the 12th century, the Danish chronicler Saxo Grammaticus reported in the introduction to his Gesta Danorum that the runic inscription was no longer legible being too worn down. This had been established by a delegation sent by th ...


ⓘ Archaeological errors

  • In archaeology excavation is the exposure, processing and recording of archaeological remains. An excavation site or dig is a site being studied. Such
  • Creating a typology frequently is the basis of a seriation. Errors in typology result in errors in seriation: For example, if a certain design style had
  • In archaeology geophysical survey is ground - based physical sensing techniques used for archaeological imaging or mapping. Remote sensing and marine surveys
  • formation of the Archæological Institute AI The public reason for the feud was the publication by Thomas Wright of The Archæological Album, or, Museum
  • eco - facts and cultural landscapes the archaeological record The development of the field of archaeology has it roots with history and with those
  • Levantine archaeology is the archaeological study of the Levant. It is also known as Syro - Palestinian archaeology or Palestinian archaeology particularly
  • The German Archaeological Institute German: Deutsches Archaologisches Institut, DAI is a research institute in the field of archaeology and other related
  • temporal succession of archaeological contexts and thus the sequence of depositions and surfaces on a dry land archaeological site, otherwise called
  • Aydın Archaeological Museum Turkish: Aydın Arkeoloji Muzesi is in Aydın, western Turkey. Established in 1959, it contains numerous statues, tombs, columns
  • by the archaeological record of the period 3100 BC to 400 AD in the Americas. Some early - 20th century Mormons claimed various archaeological findings