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Forests of Azerbaijan

The total forest area of Azerbaijan is 1.021.880 ha or 11.8% of the countrys area. The forest biomes consist of temperate deciduous forests, temperate broadleaf and mixed forests, temperate coniferous forests and riparian forests. Specialists estimate that in the 8th-9th centuries the forest cover was around 30-35%, most of it situated in mountainous areas. While as a whole, Azerbaijan is a country with modest forest cover, the forest cover is unevenly spread across the country. In the low-lying areas, the forest cover is very sparse, also due to the fact that the precipitation is too low ...

List of Brazilian National Forests

A list of Brazilian National Forests follows. According to the Brazilian National System of Conservation Units, a national forest of Brazil is an area with forest cover of predominantly native species that has as its basic objective the multiple sustainable use of the forest resources and scientific research, with emphasis on methods of sustainable exploitation of native forests.

List of forests in Denmark

In the year 2000, Denmark had 4860 km², corresponding to 11% of the Danish territory. Of this, 69% was located in Jutland while 31% was located on the islands. 63% was coniferous forest while 37% was broadleaf forest.

List of forests managed by the Forestry Commission

Prior to 2013, the Forestry Commission managed about one million hectares of land across Great Britain, including 660.000 hectares of forest in Scotland, 250.000 hectares in England and 126.000 hectares in Wales. In 2013 the Commissions forests in Wales were transferred to Natural Resources Wales, whilst Forestry Land Scotland was established in Scotland in 2019 to own and manage Scotlands National Forest Estate. These forests range from small scale urban forests to many of the largest forests in Britain. The Forestry Commission was set up in 1919 to carry out afforestation programmes acro ...

List of forests in France

Metropolitan France contains a total of 16.900.000 hectares of tree coverage, with 13.800.000 hectares considered to be forestry by the National Forest Inventory. Of those 13.800.000 hectares, 8.700.000 hectares consist of leafy forests while the remaining 5.100.000 hectares consist of evergreen forests. The majority of forestry in French overseas departments is found in French Guiana, which contains 7.500.000 hectares 29.000 sq mi of forests. 3.700.000 hectares 14.000 sq mi of forests in France are publicly owned, with the remaining 10.100.000 hectares 39.000 sq mi being privately owned. ...

List of forests in Ireland

The area of national forest estate in Ireland has increased to approximately 700.000 hectares as a result of a significant increase in private forest development in the mid-1980s, with the introduction of grant schemes funded by the EU aimed at encouraging private land owners, mainly farmers, to become involved in forestry. Of this, approximately 45% is in private ownership and 55% is in the ownership of Coillte. During the first 75 years of the 20th century, forestry in Ireland was almost exclusively carried out by the state. By 1985, forest and woodland cover was approximately 420.000 he ...


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