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Australian Cricketers' Association

The Australian Cricketers Association is an organisation that represents the professional first-class cricketers of Australia, both past and present. It is not a formally registered Trade Union, but an Incorporated Association.

British League of Racing Cyclists

The British League of Racing Cyclists was an association formed in 1942 to promote road bicycle racing in Great Britain. It operated in competition with the National Cyclists Union, a rivalry which lasted until the two merged in 1959 to form the British Cycling Federation.

Canadian Football League Players' Association

The Canadian Football League Players Association represents Canadian football players in the Canadian Football League. The association was established in 1965, when local lawyer John Agro became concerned by the number of Hamilton Tiger-Cats players approaching him with legal questions about contracts, medical coverage and pensions. All CFLPA presidents have been active or retired CFL players. The first president was Gary Schreider, who had recently retired as a player for the Ottawa Rough Riders player. The current president is Jeff Keeping. In June 2010, the CFLPA and the CFL announced t ...

Gaelic Players Association

The Gaelic Players Association, or GPA, is the officially recognised player representative body for inter county Gaelic footballers and hurlers in Ireland. The GPAs aim is to promote and protect all aspects of player welfare and to provide an independent voice for players. The GPA was formed in 1999 when former IMG employee Donal ONeill and a number of high-profile inter-county players, including Tyrones Fergal Logan and Peter Canavan, Derrys Fergal McCusker and Dublins Dessie Farrell were instrumental in the birth of the organisation. The association was launched in Belfast. Farrell becam ...

Japan Professional Baseball Players Association

The Japan Professional Baseball Players Association is the players union that represents Japanese baseball players and their interests in Nippon Professional Baseball. The organization was incorporated in 1980 and was approved as a labor union in 1985. The current union chairman is Ginjiro Sumitani and the current institute chairman is Yohei Oshima. Labor unions are often nearly unheard of in Japan. The JPBPA orchestrated the two-day players strike during the 2004 NPB realignment.

Joint Association of Boxers

The Joint Association of Boxers is an attempt to unionize professional boxers, who are often called "the most exploited athletes." The unions stated goals are: To create health and pension benefit plans for boxers; To ensure fair distribution of fight proceeds between boxers and promoters; and To protect the rights of boxers and ensure full disclosure of finances under the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act; To ensure the highest possible safety standards at all matches; To create a minimum salary scale; To assist boxers in their transition from boxing to other jobs upon retirement. The initia ...


ⓘ Sports trade unions

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