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American Health Lawyers Association

The American Health Law Association is a non-profit professional association for attorneys and other professionals in the healthcare field. Its membership numbers approximately 12.500. The AHLA was created on July 1, 1997, through the merger of the two pre-eminent existing membership associations for health lawyers: the National Health Lawyers Association and the American Academy of Healthcare Attorneys combined into a single organization, AHLA. AHLA is headquartered at 1620 Eye Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20006-4010.

Cedillo v. Secretary of Health and Human Services

Michelle Cedillo v. Secretary of Health and Human Services, also known as Cedillo, was a court case involving the family of Michelle Cedillo, an autistic girl whose parents sued the United States government because they believed that her autism was caused by her receipt of both the measles-mumps-and-rubella vaccine and thimerosal-containing vaccines. The case was a part of the Omnibus Autism Proceeding, where petitioners were required to present three test cases for each proposed mechanism by which vaccines had, according to them, caused their childrens autism; Cedillo was the first such c ...

Compassion & Choices

Compassion & Choices is a nonprofit organization in the United States working to improve patient rights and individual choice at the end of life, including access to medical aid in dying. Its primary function is advocating for and ensuring access to end-of-life options. With over 65.000 supporters and campaigns in nine states, it is the largest organization of its kind in the United States.

Corporate integrity agreement

A corporate integrity agreement is a document outlining the obligations that a company involved in health care in the United States makes with a federal government agency or a state government as part of a civil settlement. On the federal level the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Justice are usually involved, and on the state level, the state attorney general and the state offices involved in Medicaid or Medicare are involved. CIA can be used to address quality of care or corporate integrity issues. CIAs create a framework wi ...

Death with Dignity National Center

Death with Dignity National Center is a 501 nonpartisan nonprofit organization, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, that has led the legal defense of and education about Death with Dignity laws throughout the United States for 20 years. The Death with Dignity National Center helped write and defend in courts the nations first successful assisted dying law, the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, protecting the right of persons with terminal illness to control their own death. The Death with Dignity National Center is affiliated with the Death with Dignity Political Fund, a distinct and separatel ...

Eastern Enterprises v. Apfel

Eastern Enterprises v. Apfel, 524 U.S. 498, is a United States Supreme Court case in which the Court held that the Coal Industry Retiree Health Benefit Act constituted an unconstitutional regulatory taking of property which required the Act to be invalidated. The import of this decision is that it was made in the context of a purely economic regulation. The plurality examines the statute and its resultant harm as an ad hoc factual inquiry based on factors delineated in Penn Central Transportation Co. v. New York City, such as the economic impact of the regulation, its interference with rea ...


ⓘ Health law in the United States

  • Health care in the United States is provided by many distinct organizations. Health care facilities are largely owned and operated by private sector businesses
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  • The law of the United States comprises many levels of codified and uncodified forms of law of which the most important is the United States Constitution
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  • international law to public health problems using the law as an instrument of public health Litigation against tobacco companies in the United States provides
  • Health insurance in the United States is any program that helps pay for medical expenses, whether through privately purchased insurance, social insurance
  • Law enforcement in the United States is one of three major components of the criminal justice system of the United States along with courts and corrections
  • United States labor law sets the rights and duties for employees, labor unions, and employers in the United States Labor law s basic aim is to remedy
  • Refugee health in the united States focuses on the health treatment, and healthcare barriers of migrants to the United States who have relocated from
  • The United States Department of Health Human Services HHS also known as the Health Department, is a cabinet - level department of the U.S. federal government