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9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering

9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering was a series of performances from October 13–23, 1966, where artists and engineers from Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, New Jersey collaborated on what was to be the first event in a series of projects that would become known as E.A.T. or Experiments in Art and Technology. 9 Evenings: Theatre and Engineering was conjured up by Robert Rauschenberg and Billy Kluver and was originally intended to be presented as part of the Stockholm Festival of Art and Technology in 1966. But when the festivals negotiations fell through, Billy Kluver and the whole group ...

32 Postkarten

32 Postkarten is a literature and art project that has been devised and coordinated by Torkel S. Wachter. It retells the story of a German-Jewish family from the outbreak of the Second World War to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The authentic postcards, with English and German translations, and commentaries, are being published on the Internet from March 2010 in simulated real time’ - on the date they were written, but 70 years later - at www.32postkarten.com. It all started ten years ago, when Mr Wachter discovered a number of packing cases in an attic in Stockholm. They contained l ...

Agrippa (A Book of the Dead)

Agrippa is a work of art created by science fiction novelist William Gibson, artist Dennis Ashbaugh and publisher Kevin Begos Jr. in 1992. The work consists of a 300-line semi-autobiographical electronic poem by Gibson, embedded in an artists book by Ashbaugh. Gibsons text focused on the ethereal, human-owed nature of memories retained over the passage of time. Its principal notoriety arose from the fact that the poem, stored on a 3.5" floppy disk, was programmed to encrypt itself after a single use; similarly, the pages of the artists book were treated with photosensitive chemicals, effec ...

An Anthology of Chance Operations

An Anthology of Chance Operations was an artists book publication from the early 1960s of experimental neodada art and music composition that used John Cage-inspired indeterminacy. It was edited by La Monte Young and DIY co-published in 1963 by Young and Jackson Mac Low in New York City. Its full title is: An Anthology of chance operations concept art anti-art indeterminacy improvisation meaningless work natural disasters plans of action stories diagrams Music poetry essays dance constructions mathematics compositions.

Apology Project

The Apology Project, a 1980 conceptual art project, was created by Allan Bridge who employed the pseudonym Mr. Apology. Bridge used an answering machine to record confessions from anonymous callers. More than 1000 hours of confession were recorded, ranging from common confessions to ritualistic murders. Some of the confessions were published in Bridges magazine Apology. This Apology Project is not to be confused with the Apology Project of Elliniko Teatro, a theatrical production based on Platos The Apology of Socrates, featuring Yannis Simonides see.

Apple (artwork)

The work consists of an apple on top of a plexiglass stand. A brass plaque bearing the word APPLE is fixed to the front of the stand. The piece was subsequently covered in bronze as part of Onos Bronze Age series of artworks.


ⓘ Conceptual art

  • Conceptual art also referred to as conceptualism is art in which the concept s or idea s involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic
  • Post - conceptual postconceptual, post - conceptualism or postconceptualism is an art theory that builds upon the legacy of conceptual art in contemporary
  • NSCAD conceptual art refers to a period beginning in 1969 when Nova Scotia College of Art and Design NSCAD a post - secondary art school in Halifax, Nova
  • Neo - conceptual art describes art practices in the 1980s and particularly 1990s to date that derive from the conceptual art movement of the 1960s and 1970s
  • Portrait as a Drowned Man 1840 However, the term Conceptual Photography derives from Conceptual Art a movement of the late 1960s. Today the term is used
  • Art - Language: The Journal of Conceptual Art 1969 - 1985 was a magazine published by the conceptual artists of Art Language. Involving more than 20 artists
  • CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model Conceptual art Conceptual design Conceptual architecture Conceptual photography Post - conceptual Neo - conceptual art Progressive
  • closely related to conceptual art Although conceptual poetry may have freely circulated in relation to some text - based Conceptual art works during the
  • Philosophy and Conceptual Art is a 2007 book edited by Elisabeth Schellekens and Peter Goldie. The contributors deal with the philosophical questions raised
  • Art Language is a conceptual artists collaboration that has undergone many changes since it was created in the late 1960s. The group was founded by
  • Conceptual Art is a 2009 book by Elisabeth Schellekens and Peter Goldie, in which the authors provide a philosophical introduction to conceptual art
  • The Museum of Conceptual Art was founded in the 1970 by Tom Marioni, who describe it as a social artwork The museum moved into its second location on
  • Concept learning Concept map Conceptual art Conceptual blending Conceptual clustering Conceptual combination Conceptual object Formal concept analysis