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Robert Beiny

Beiny joined the Central London Hearing Centre in 1976, where he developed an interest in the hearing, speech and language development challenges of hearing impaired young children. His career allowed him to travel, lecturing and providing audiological support to children and adults with hearing loss. He has been a campaigner for better audiological service in the UK and promotes best practices to professional peers. A career change saw him based at Londons Nomis Studios 1984–86 while the Live Aid production was underway, working in artist liaison and providing audiological advice on heari ...

Raymond Carhart

Raymond T Carhart was a Speech/Language Pathologist. As a founder and pioneer of the science, he is frequently referred to as the "Father of Audiology." Carhart was born on March 28, 1912, in Mexico City. He studied at Dakota Wesleyan University, and at Northwestern University. He remained at Northwestern until 1944, first as Instructor in Speech Re-education and later as Assistant and Associate Professor. He joined the US Army Medical Administrative Corps in 1944, working in Butler, Pennsylvania until 1946. He returned to Northwestern in 1947, where he remained until his death in 1975. Ca ...

John Craton

John Douglas Craton is an American classical composer. His works have been performed throughout the United States, Europe, and Japan. While his compositions cover a diverse range, he is best known for his operas, ballets, and works for classical mandolin.

Leo Doerfler

Leo G. Doerfler helped develop the practice of audiology in the 1940s. He played a leading role in establishing professional bodies and educational standards for audiology practitioners.

Marion Downs (audiologist)

Marion Downs was an audiologist and Professor Emerita at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, who pioneered universal newborn hearing screening in the early 1960s, then spent more than 30 years trying to convince her peers to adopt the testing in hospitals and to place hearing aids on infants who showed hearing loss. She worked to alert the medical world to the developmental problems associated with childhood deafness. As a result of her efforts, 95 percent of all newborns in America today are screened for hearing loss. She devoted her professional life to the promoti ...

Ira Hirsh

Ira Hirsh was an American psychologist who made early contributions to the field of audiology. He was the Edward Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Audiology at Washington University in St. Louis and served as president of the Acoustical Society of America.