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Anderson's rule

Andersons rule is used for the construction of energy band diagrams of the heterojunction between two semiconductor materials. Andersons rule states that when constructing an energy band diagram, the vacuum levels of the two semiconductors on either side of the heterojunction should be aligned. It is also referred to as the electron affinity rule, and is closely related to the Schottky-Mott rule for metal-semiconductor junctions. Andersons rule was first described by R. L. Anderson in 1960.

Anderson's rule (computer science)

In the field of computer security, Andersons rule refers to a principle formulated by Ross J. Anderson: by their nature large databases will never be free of abuse by breaches of security. If a large system is designed for ease of access it becomes insecure; if made watertight it becomes impossible to use.

Assembly rules

Case tested the assembly rule that species occurring together on islands should have less niche overlap than random assemblages because they have undergone specialization. His study measured niche overlap of lizards on 37 islands near Baja California and compared niche overlap to the median niche overlap of computer generated random species assemblages. Case found that 30 of the 37 islands had lower niche overlap than the random assemblages and that some of the competition is due to interspecific competition.

Correspondence rule

In quantum mechanics, correspondence rules govern the principle of replacing physical quantities with operators. Such replacements include energy and momentum, which can be derived informally from taking the time and space derivities of the plane wave function. These show a similarity to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Examples of correspondence rules include:

Display rules

Display rules are a social group or cultures informal norms that distinguish how one should express themselves. They can be described as culturally prescribed rules that people learn early on in their lives by interactions and socializations with other people. They learn these cultural standards at a young age which determine when one would express certain emotions, where and to what extent. Emotions can be conveyed through both non-verbal interactions such as facial expressions, hand gestures and body language as well as verbal interactions. People are able to intensify emotions in certai ...

Feeling rules

Feeling rules are socially shared norms that influence how people want to try to feel emotions in given social relations. This concept was introduced by sociologist Arlie Russell Hochschild in 1979. Hochschilds 1983 book, "The Managed Heart: Commercialization of Human Feeling," discusses feeling rules in greater depth, especially in the occupational worlds of flight attendants and bill collectors. Hochschild draws on the work of sociologist Erving Goffman as well as labor scholar Harry Braverman to discuss the dramaturgical demands and emotional labor entailed by jobs in the service sector ...


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