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Ricardo Armbruster

Ricardo Armbruster was a Spanish ecologist, adventurer and entrepreneur. Ricardo Armbruster Blecher Nano was born in Madrid to the German/Spanish family Armbruster/Blecher. His father Eugen Armbruster was a successful industrialist in Spain and his mother, Trude Armbruster nee Blecher was a renowned violinist. At an early age, Ricardo Armbruster and his family discovered that schooling and academic life were not going to be his preferred way of advancing personally. He developed a wide interest in animals and nature in the 1950s, spending long periods at the family farm in Camorritos, Spai ...

John Bennett (diver)

John Bennett was a British scuba diver who set a world record by becoming the first person to deep dive below a depth of 300 m on self-contained breathing apparatus on 6 November 2001. In the early 2000s, Bennett and Ron Loos made the first dives to the MV Princess of the Orient wreck site in Manila Bay. In 2001, he located the wreck of the Imperial Japanese Navy dreadnought Yamashiro through sound scans, but could not confirm it before his death. Confirmation was not made until 2017.

Blue Hole (New Mexico)

The Blue Hole of Santa Rosa is a circular, bell-shaped pool east of Santa Rosa, New Mexico that is one of the most popular dive destinations in the US for SCUBA diving and training. The Blue Hole is an artesian well that was once used as a fish hatchery. It is a clear blue body of water with a constant 62 °F temperature and constant inflow of 3.000 US gallons per minute. While the surface is only 80 feet in diameter, it expands to a diameter of 130 feet at the bottom. Since Santa Rosa, New Mexico is at an elevation of 4.616 ft 1.407 m, it is necessary for divers to use high-altitude dive t ...

Allan Bridge

Allan Bridge was an American conceptual artist best known for his creation in 1980 of the confessional phone system known as the Apology Line. He went by the pseudonym Mr. Apology and used new technology of the time, an answering machine, to record confessions from anonymous callers.

David Bright (diver)

David A. Bright was an American underwater explorer and diver. He was the president of the Nautical Research Group, which he founded in 2003, and an avid contributor to documentaries on shipwrecks.

Berry L. Cannon

Berry Louis Cannon was an American aquanaut who served on the SEALAB II and III projects of the U.S. Navy. Cannon died of carbon dioxide poisoning while attempting to repair SEALAB III. It was later found that his diving rigs baralyme canister, which should have absorbed the carbon dioxide Cannon exhaled, was empty.


ⓘ Underwater diving deaths

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