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Hyperlocal is information oriented around a well-defined community with its primary focus directed toward the concerns of the population in that community. The term can be used as a noun in isolation or as a modifier of some other term. When used in isolation it refers to the emergent ecology of data, aggregators, publication mechanism and user interactions and behaviors which centre on a resident of a location and the business of being a resident. More recently, the term hyperlocal has become synonymous with the combined use of applications on mobile devices and GPS technology. Use of the ...

Community Impact Newspaper

Community Impact Newspaper is a chain of hyperlocal monthly newspapers delivered for free to homes and businesses. John P. Garrett is the CEO and founder, along with his wife Jennifer Garrett. In August 2018, Community Impact Newspaper had 26 print editions delivering to more than 2 million mailboxes in the Austin, Houston, Dallas | Fort Worth, Phoenix, and Nashville areas.