ⓘ List of countries by ecological footprint. This is a list of countries by ecological footprint. The table is based on data spanning from 1961 to 2013 from the G ..


ⓘ List of countries by ecological footprint

This is a list of countries by ecological footprint. The table is based on data spanning from 1961 to 2013 from the Global Footprint Networks National Footprint Accounts published in 2016. Numbers are given in global hectares per capita. The world-average ecological footprint in 2016 was 2.75 global hectares per person. With a world-average biocapacity of 1.63 global hectares per person, this leads to a global ecological deficit of 1.1 global hectares per person.

For humanity, having a footprint smaller than the planets biocapacity is a necessary condition for sustainability. After all, ecological overuse is only possible temporarily. A country that consumes more than 1.73 gha per person has a resource demand that is not sustainable world-wide. Countries with a footprint below 1.73 gha per person might not be sustainable. The quality of the footprint may still lead to ecological destruction. If a country does not have enough ecological resources within its own territory to cover its populations footprint, then it runs an ecological deficit and the country is termed an ecological debtor. Otherwise, it has an ecological reserve and it is called a creditor.


1. Countries and Regions

This table below is based on 2012 results National Footprint Accounts edition 2016. The latest edition 2019 is available on Global Footprint Networks website at. Note that this list contains only 188 countries, covering most of the countries with more than one million inhabitants.

*Assumes that biocapacity and ecological footprint per person will not change when population changes.

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