ⓘ Candy Jones, originally known as Jessica Arline Wilcox, was an American fashion model, writer and radio talk show hostess. Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, s ..


ⓘ Candy Jones

Candy Jones, originally known as Jessica Arline Wilcox, was an American fashion model, writer and radio talk show hostess.

Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, she was raised and educated in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

In the 1940s and 1950s, she was a leading model and pin-up girl, and afterward, established a modeling school and wrote several books on modeling and fashion. In 1972, Jones married the popular radio show host Long John Nebel he was her second husband, and became the co-host of his all-night talk-show on WMCA in New York City. The show dealt with paranormal, UFO, and conspiracy theory claims.

Jones controversially claimed to be a victim of Project MKULTRA, the CIA mind-control program, in the 1960s.


1.1. Biography Early life and career

Candy Jones was born to a well-off family. Jones reported vivid, conscious memories of physical abuse by her parents and vague memories of sexual abuse in her youth. She was shuttled among relatives, and her mother, Jones insisted, often kept her cloistered or locked in dark rooms. As a child, Jones said she had an imaginary friend named Arlene to help through her lonely episodes.

Jones grew into an attractive, statuesque young woman, about 6 ft 4 in 1.93 m. Changing her name, she pursued a career as a fashion model. She was a quick success, becoming a runner up for Miss New Jersey in the Miss America contest. Jones was able to parlay this into a hostess job at the main Miss America contest, and a successful career. She was one of the leading pin-up girls of the World War II era: In one month in 1943, she appeared on 11 magazine covers.

During a lengthy United Service Organizations USO tour in the Philippines, Jones fell ill in 1945, and was treated by a doctor who was still alive when Candy publicised her mind-control claims; Donald Bain gave this doctor the alias "Gilbert Jensen". According to researcher Martin Cannon, who interviewed Jones before she died in 1990, the "Marshall Burger" alias in Bains book who worked with Jensen on the Jones case was actually Dr. William S. Kroger, a psychologist at one time associated with UCLA.


1.2. Biography First marriage

In 1946, Jones married fashion czar Harry Conover, one of the first model agents. They had three sons, and Jones says she didnt realize Conover was bisexual until some years into their marriage. She recognized some people might consider this naive, but Jones insisted her abusive childhood had made her wary of intimate relationships, and though she had many suitors, she was sexually inexperienced when she married. She reported that Conover initiated sexual activities with her very few times, and only when he was intoxicated.

Without notice, Conover disappeared in late 1958. Jones notified police, and Conovers absence made the news. When he returned after a long binge, Jones sued for divorce in 1959. After the divorce, she was left with $36, and considerable debts.

Jones opened a modeling school, and she began appearing regularly on NBCs weekend radio news program Monitor.


1.3. Biography Second marriage and radio career

On December 31, 1972, Jones married radio host Long John Nebel after a one-month courtship; they briefly met decades earlier when Nebel was a photographer. Jones was soon the regular co-host of Nebels popular overnight radio talk show, which usually discussed various paranormal topics.


1.4. Biography Mind-control claims

Shortly after their marriage, Nebel said he noted that Jones exhibited violent mood swings, and at times, seemed to display a different personality. Nebel called this "The Voice. a look, a few moments of bitchiness." The Voice usually vanished rather quickly, but the change was so drastic from Joness usually pleasant demeanor that Nebel was startled and distressed.

Colin Bennett writes,

A few weeks after their marriage, wrote to her attorney, William Williams, to cover herself in case she died or disappeared suddenly or under unusual circumstances; she told him she was not at liberty to reveal exactly what she was involved in. Bain wrote to Williams who corroborated this fact.

Bain also notes that in 1971, an article by hypnosis expert George Estabrooks was published in Science Digest, wherein Estabrooks openly discussed the successful creation of amnesiac couriers of the type Jones claimed to have been.

Dr. Herbert Spiegel, a nationally recognized hypnosis expert, wrote the foreword to The Control of Candy Jones.

Candy Jones is the subject of the Exit Clov song "MK ULTRA."

The story of her mind-control claims was featured in an episode of Dark Matters: Twisted But True in a segment entitled "Sexy Secret Agent".


2. Books by Jones

  • More Than Beauty: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Modeling World, Harper and Row, 1970
  • Modeling and Other Glamour Careers, Harper and Row, 1969
  • Candy Jones Complete Book of Beauty and Fashion, Harper and Row, 1976
  • Just for Teens, Harper and Row, 1967
  • Between Us Girls Harper and Row, 1966
  • Make Your Name in Modeling and Television, Harper and Brothers, 1960
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