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Doubleheader (baseball)

A doubleheader is a set of two baseball games played between the same two teams on the same day in front of the same crowd. In addition, the term is often used unofficially to refer to a pair of games played by a team in a single day, but in front of different crowds and not in immediate succession. In Major League Baseball, for many decades, doubleheaders were routinely scheduled several times each season. However, today a doubleheader is generally the result of a prior game between the same two teams being postponed due to inclement weather or other factors. Most often the game is resche ...

Doubleheader (television)

A doubleheader is a term used by television networks to refer to two games involving the same sport that are shown back-to-back on the same network, even though the events do not involve the same two teams. A doubleheader purposely coincides with a leagues scheduling of "early" and "late" games. In North America, games usually start at the same time period in different time zones.

Sports team channels

Sporting teams around the world use subscription TV channels to promote their brand and team to new and current fans. The ability for sports teams to produce their own television channels requires a significant amount of money and is usually only restricted to large clubs with large amounts of profit such as Manchester United and Barcelona. Sports team channels on television by the following teams:

Television timeout

A television timeout is a break in a televised live event for the purpose of television broadcasting. This allows commercial broadcasters to take an advertising break, or issue their required hourly station identification, without causing viewers to miss part of the action. Programs making use of timeouts are usually live-action sporting events. However, other live programs occasionally make use of timeouts for advertising purposes, such as the Academy Awards and the Eurovision Song Contest.