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Coach (baseball)

In baseball, a number of coaches assist in the smooth functioning of a team. They are assistants to the manager, who determines the lineup and decides how to substitute players during the game. Beyond the manager, more than a half dozen coaches may assist the manager in running the team. Essentially, baseball coaches are analogous to assistant coaches in other sports, as the baseball manager is to the head coach.

Manager (baseball)

In baseball, the field manager is the equivalent of a head coach who is responsible for overseeing and making final decisions on all aspects of on-field team strategy, lineup selection, training and instruction. Managers are typically assisted by a staff of assistant coaches whose responsibilities are specialized. Field managers are typically not involved in off-field personnel decisions or long-term club planning, responsibilities that are instead held by a teams general manager.

Coach (basketball)

Basketball coaching is the act of directing and strategizing the behavior of a basketball team or individual basketball player. Basketball coaching typically encompasses the improvement of individual and team offensive and defensive skills, as well as overall physical conditioning. Coaches also have the responsibility to improve their team by player development, strategy, and in-game management. Coaches also teach and inspire their team to be their best. Coaching is usually performed by a single person, often with the help of one or more assistants.

Coaching tree

A coaching tree is similar to a family tree except that it shows the relationships of coaches instead of family members. There are several ways to define a relationship between two coaches. The most common way to make the distinction is if a coach worked as an assistant on a particular head coachs staff for at least a season then that coach can be counted as being a branch on the head coachs coaching tree. Coaching trees can also show philosophical influence from one head coach to an assistant. Coaching trees are common in the National Football League and most coaches in the NFL can trace ...

Coach (ice hockey)

Coach in ice hockey is the person responsible for directing the team during games and practices, prepares strategy and decides which players will participate in games. The specific responsibilities of a coach vary according to the level at which they are coaching. For example, unique to coaching at the professional level, coaches need to have skills in dealing with the media. At the professional level, as each game is given great importance, a coach will analyse past games and prepare for future games. Coaches also are important in determining the style of hockey the team plays. While winn ...

Youth ice hockey coach

The role of a youth ice hockey coach is a combination of teacher, motivator, organizer, listener, and disciplinarian. In addition, there are many responsibilities that a youth hockey coach will fulfill. Some responsibilities include: facilitator, demonstrator, evaluator, supporter, and planner.

Manager (association football)

In association football, a manager is an occupation of head coach in the United Kingdom responsible for running a football club or a national team. Outside the British Isles and across most of Europe, a title of head coach or coach is predominant.

Manager (Gaelic games)

In Gaelic games, a manager or bainisteoir is involved in the direction and instruction of the on-field operations of a team. The role entails the application of sport tactics and strategies during the game itself, and usually entails substitution of players and other such actions as needed. At games, the manager may sometimes wear a bib with the word "manager" or bainisteoir adorning it. Many managers were former players themselves, and are assisted in coaching the team by a group of selectors.


A player-coach is a member of a sports team who simultaneously holds both playing and coaching duties. A player-coach may be a head coach or an assistant coach. They may make changes to the squad and also play on the team. Very few current major professional sports teams have head coaches who are also players, though it is common for senior players to take a role in managing more junior athletes. Historically, when professional sports had less money to pay players and coaches or managers, player-coaches were more common. Likewise, where player-coaches exist today, they are more common at, ...

Spike Webb

Spike Webb, born Hamilton Murrel Webb was an American boxer who became an Olympic boxing coach for four successful American Olympic teams from 1920-1932, while simultaneously serving the initial and longest term as head boxing coach for the United States Naval Academy from 1919-54. During his twenty year tenure, he was considered by sports historians to be the most successful college and Olympic boxing coach of his era.


ⓘ Sports coaches

  • like many other sports there are many coaches and assistant coaches American football includes a head coach an assistant head coach an offensive coordinator
  • other coaches In some sports the head coach is instead called the manager as in association football and professional baseball. In other sports such
  • awards won by coaches of each nationality based on the principle of jus soli. This table lists the total number of awards won by coaches sporting profession
  • professional sports had less money to pay players and coaches or managers, player - coaches were more common. Likewise, where player - coaches exist today
  • The Cradle of Coaches is a nickname given to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for its history of producing successful sports coaches especially in football
  • Today Sports Board of Coaches which is made up of 31 head coaches at Division I institutions. All are members of the American Baseball Coaches Association
  • see Coaching psychology History Coaching is applied in fields such as sports performing arts singers get vocal coaches acting drama coaches and
  • 1920, two Cardinals coaches have won the NFL Championship: Norman Barry in 1925 and Jimmy Conzelman in 1947. Five other coaches - Don Coryell, Jim Hanifan
  • prevented ties. b Head coaches with multiple terms are counted once figures are career totals. For a specific order of the coaches see the Footnotes section
  • 2014. Byron Scott Coaching Record basketball - reference.com. Sports Reference LLC. Retrieved November 22, 2008. Top 10 Coaches in NBA History NBA
  • list only includes NHL coaches and not NHA seasons. a A running total of the number of coaches of the Canadiens. Thus, any coach who has two or more separate
  • North American professional sports team to date. They play their home games in the TD Garden. There have been 17 head coaches for the Boston Celtics franchise