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Adobe Range

The Adobe Range is a minor mountain range of Nevada. Located northwest and north of Elko, Nevada, it runs generally north-south for about 80 miles, and has an area of about 314 square miles. Its highest point is an unnamed summit of 8.134 feet and the named peaks include Sherman Peak), Twin Peaks and 7.472 feet respectively) and The Buttes). The vegetation of the range is primarily sagebrush steppe. Various intermittent streams feed the rivers of Humboldt County, which borders the ridge on the South and East. Ownership is about half private and half Bureau of land management. The suburb of ...

Antelope Range (Nye County, Nevada)

The Antelope Range is a mountain range in Nye County, Nevada. A small part of the range extends north into southern Eureka County. The community of Eureka is about 35 km to the northeast of north end of the range. The Antelope range North-North-East trending linear series with a length of about 42 km 26 miles and a width of about 15 km 9.3 Mi. The monitor series to the West through the Antelope valley in the North-West and little fish lake valley to the South-West. Hot Creek range adjacent ridge to the South through a long canyon. To the East lie within the range of the Park and the small ...

Arrow Canyon Range

The Arrow Canyon Range is a small, narrow Basin and Range faulted mountain range that runs south to north in Clark County, Nevada, United States. Its length is approximately 25 miles at a latitude 36˚35 - 36˚47, and its width is roughly 7 miles at a longitude of 114˚54 - 114˚47. The base elevation is 3.000 ft, and it rises to 4.953 ft at its peak. It runs parallel to U.S. Route 93, where the western front is easily viewed along the entire length, only about 3.5 mi distant. Like many mountain ranges in southern Nevada, it has the distinctive bare gray limestone formations common in the regi ...

Augusta Mountains

The Augusta Mountains are a small mountain range in Pershing, Churchill and Lander counties of Nevada. In the North-East range merges with fish Creek range. North through the valley of the Jersey lies in the range of Tobin and West via the Dixie Valley-Stillwater range. Alpine mountains the clan and a new passage lies to the South and East through the antelope valley Ravenswood mountains and the Shoshone range. The range included in 89.372 acres 361.68 km 2 Augusta mountain wilderness study area. Fossil aquatic reptiles Augustasaurus was discovered in the Triassic favret formation in the A ...

Badger Mountains

The Badger Mountains is a mountain range in Washoe County, Nevada. The southern portion is within the East Fork High Rock Canyon Wilderness. The northern portion is within the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.

Battle Mountains, Nevada

The Battle Mountains or Battle Mountain Range is a mountain range in western Lander and southeastern Humboldt counties of Nevada. The communities of Battle Mountain and Valmy lie just to the east and north respectively along Interstate 80 in the Humboldt River valley. Nevada State Route 305 runs along the southeast side of the range from Battle Mountain toward Austin to the south. The range is roughly circular in shape and exhibits a radial drainage. The valley of Humboldt river is located in the North-East range Creek sheep beyond. In the North-West and West of Buffalo valley with MT Buff ...


ⓘ Mountain ranges of Nevada

  • named mountain ranges in Nevada Some of them are quite small but still constitute distinct biomes. Alvin R. McLane, Silent Cordilleras: The Mountain Ranges
  • Bare Mountain Range is a mountain range in southern Nye County, Nevada in the United States. Bare Mountain and Wildcat Peak are the high points of the
  • This is a list of mountain ranges on Earth and a few other astronomical bodies. First, the highest and longest mountain ranges on Earth are listed, followed
  • Mountains are a mountain range in northwestern Nevada The range runs north to south along the western edge of the Black Rock Desert. This mountain range
  • primarily in Nevada The Sierra Nevada is part of the American Cordillera, a chain of mountain ranges that consists of an almost continuous sequence of such ranges
  • Sacramento Mountains California or Searchlight, Nevada Only washes drain from the west into the Colorado River. Mountain ranges of the Lower Colorado
  • The Sheep Range is located north of Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States. It is found in both Clark and Lincoln Counties in the Desert National Wildlife
  • For the mountain range of the same name in California see Newberry Mountains California The Newberry Mountains in Nevada are located east of Cal - Nev - Ari
  • The Antelope Range is a mountain range in Pershing County, Nevada The range was so named on account of antelope in the area. Antelope Range Geographic
  • The Spring Mountains are a mountain range of Southern Nevada in the United States, running generally northwest - southeast along the west side of Las Vegas