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Eulama Literary Agency is a literary agency which represents a vast array of authors, script writers, as well as a variety of companies and their products.

Odisha Sahitya Akademi

Odisha Sahitya Akademi is an institution established in 1957 in Odisha for active promotion of Odia language and literature. It was created as an autonomous literary organisation. In 1970 it was converted into a society.


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  • becoming much more popular, literary agents still fulfill a useful role as gatekeepers to publishing houses. Literary agencies can range in size from a single
  • This is a list of the major UK literary agencies by order of the year of their establishment. List of largest UK book publishers AP Watt United Agents
  • Curtis Brown is a Literary and Talent agency based in London, UK. One of the oldest literary agencies in Europe, it was founded by Albert Curtis Brown
  • media. TLS Talent Agency is a talent and literary agency formed in 2009. The agency only started with two clients but by 2010 the agency grew with the signing
  • The Christopher Little Literary Agency is a firm of literary agents based in London. Its clients have included Darren Shan, A. J. Quinnell, and Janet
  • The Gersh Agency also known as simply Gersh is a talent and literary agency established in 1949 by Phil Gersh, based in Beverly Hills, California and
  • Resolution is a talent and literary agency with headquarters in Los Angeles, California. It was formed by Jeff Berg, the former chairman of ICM Partners
  • APA also known as Agency for the Performing Arts is one of the largest diversified talent agencies in Los Angeles with headquarters in Los Angeles
  • Literary criticism or literary studies is the study, evaluation, and interpretation of literature. Modern literary criticism is often influenced by literary