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List of diseases (0–9)

3q29 microdeletion syndrome 2-hydroxyglutaricaciduria 18p deletion syndrome 2-Methylacetoacetyl CoA thiolase deficiency, rare NIH 3-methyl crotonyl-coa carboxylase deficiency 3 methylglutaconyl coa hydratase deficiency 3 alpha methylglutaconic aciduria, type 3, rare NIH 3 methylcrotonic aciduria 11 beta hydroxylase deficiency 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, rare NIH 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase deficiency 10q partial trisomy 18-Hydroxylase deficiency, rare NIH 17q21.31 microdeletion syndrome 3-methyl glutaconic aciduria 3C syndrome, rare NIH 3-hydroxyacyl-coa dehydrogenase deficiency 3 h ...

List of diseases (A)

Ablepharon macrostomia syndrome Aagenaes syndrome Abdominal musculature absent microphthalmia joint laxity Abasia Aberrant subclavian artery Aase–Smith syndrome Abdominal cystic lymphangioma Absence of tibia with polydactyly Abdallat–Davis–Farrage syndrome Absent corpus callosum cataract immunodeficiency Absence of gluteal muscle ABCD syndrome Aarskog–Ose–Pande syndrome Absent T lymphocytes Abdominal defects Abruzzo–Erickson syndrome Abnormal systemic venous return Abdominal neoplasm / Abdominal neoplasms Abdominal aortic aneurysm Aase syndrome Aarskog syndrome

List of autoimmune diseases

This list includes conditions that are not diseases but signs common to autoimmune disease. Some, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, are controversial. These conditions are included here because they are frequently listed as autoimmune diseases but should not be included in the list above until there is more consistent evidence.

List of diseases (B)

Bassoe syndrome Basan syndrome Bathophobia Battaglia–Neri syndrome Basaran–Yilmaz syndrome Baughman syndrome Batrachophobia Batten–Turner muscular dystrophy Basilar artery migraines Bazex–Dupre–Christol syndrome Basal ganglia diseases Basedows coma Basilar impression primary Basal cell nevus anodontia abnormal bone mineralization Basal cell carcinoma Batten disease Bazopoulou–Kyrkanidou syndrome

List of diseases (C)

Cavernous sinus thrombosis Caudal regression syndrome Cavernous lymphangioma Cavernous hemangioma Caudal appendage deafness Cayler syndrome Causalgia Caudal duplication


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