ⓘ Basic Direct Access Method, or BDAM is an access method for IBMs OS360 and successors computer operating systems on System360 and later mainframes. BDAM consist ..


ⓘ Basic direct access method

Basic Direct Access Method, or BDAM is an access method for IBMs OS/360 and successors computer operating systems on System/360 and later mainframes. BDAM "consists of routines used in retrieving data from, and storing data onto, direct access devices." BDAM is available on OS/360, OS/VS2, MVS, z/OS, and related high-end operating systems.

  • Storage - oriented access methods in approximate chronological order: BDAM - Basic direct access method BSAM - Basic sequential access method QSAM - Queued
  • indexed sequential access method QISAM Basic partitioned access method BPAM Basic direct access method BDAM Virtual storage access method VSAM IBM in
  • In IBM mainframe operating systems, Basic sequential access method BSAM is an access method to read and write datasets sequentially. BSAM is available
  • Virtual Storage Access Method VSAM is an IBM DASD file storage access method first used in the OS VS1, OS VS2 Release 1 SVS and Release 2 MVS operating
  • ISAM an acronym for indexed sequential access method is a method for creating, maintaining, and manipulating computer files of data so that records can
  • Direct memory access DMA is a feature of computer systems that allows certain hardware subsystems to access main system memory random - access memory
  • accompanied by a getter also known as an accessor which returns the value of the private member variable. The mutator method is most often used in object - oriented
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