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List of people in alternative medicine

This is a list of people in alternative medicine who are notable for developing, founding, inventing, promoting, practicing, marketing, commentating or researching on alternative medicine.

Jeanne Achterberg

Jeanne Achterberg was an American psychologist known for investigating the therapeutic application of guided imagery and creative visualization. Achterberg was originally influenced by her collaboration with O. Carl Simonton, a specialist in radiology and oncology, and a pioneer of psycho-oncology. Simonton worked with cancer patients to develop strategies by which they could reduce the stress and distress precipitated by diagnosis and treatment, and enhance the capacity to perceive therapeutic interventions, including radiotherapy, as a progressive process toward a successful outcome. Amo ...

Jessica Ainscough

Jessica Ainscough was an Australian teen magazine editor who became a writer and wellness entrepreneur following a rare cancer diagnosis at the age of 22 years. Ainscough went by the self-coined nickname "The Wellness Warrior" and used her popular blog by the same name to share her personal story of using alternative cancer treatments. Ainscough died of her untreated cancer at the age of 29.

Gerda Alexander

Gerda Alexander was a German / Danish teacher who developed a body-based method called Eutony. Her parents were enthusiasts of Dalcroze Eurhythmics, passing on to her a similar interest in arts and movement. She studied in Blensdorf-Schulen in Wuppertal and was graduated in the Hochschule fur Musik in Berlin in 1929. Her studies about movement and relaxation, add to the rheumatic fever and endocarditis that she contracted when she was young, inspired her to find ways to look for a more economic form of movement. She found a way of regulating neuromuscular tone, what was confirmed later wit ...

Mosaraf Ali

Ali grew up in Asansol and Howrah, West Bengal. He trained as a doctor at the University of Delhi and then the Central Institute for Advanced Medical Studies in Moscow from 1973 to 1982 where he studied alternative medicines such as iridology, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, fasting therapy and naturopathy. After a stint in rural India studying the alternative medicines homeopathy and herbalism, and working in Hong Kong at the Vital Life Centre from 1988 until May 1991, he came to London to work at the Hale Clinic.

Broda Otto Barnes

Broda Otto Barnes was an American physician and professor of medicine who studied endocrine dysfunction, particularly hypothyroidism. In the 1970s, Barnes published several books arguing that hypothyroidism was underdiagnosed in the U.S. and was responsible for a wide range of health problems. Barnes views on the prevalence of hypothyroidism were never widely accepted by the medical community and run counter to its current understanding of thyroid function, but they have been embraced by some elements of the alternative medicine community.