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Australia on the Map

Australia on the Map is the history and heritage division of the Australasian Hydrographic Society. It seeks to enhance Australians’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the nation’s early history, beginning in 1606 with the voyages of Willem Janszoon in the Duyfken and Luis Vaez de Torres in Los Tres Reyes and San Pedro, and continuing to the present.

Australian and New Zealand Map Society

The Australian and New Zealand Map Society, a society incorporated in Victoria, Australia, is a group of map producers, users and curators, which acts as a medium of communication for all those interested in maps. Membership of the ANZMapS is available to anyone who has an interest in maps. The society was formed in 2009 by the merger of the Australian Map Circle founded in 1973 as the Australian Map Curators Circle, and the New Zealand Map Society founded 1977. The society holds an annual conference, publishes a peer-reviewed journal The Globe ISSN 0311-3930, and a newsletter.

Bavarian State Office for Survey and Geoinformation

The Bavarian State Office for Digitizing, Broadband and Survey or LDBV, until 31 December 2013 Bavarian State Office for Survey and Geoinformation or LVG, is the name of the new division of the Bavarian Department of Survey, Information and Communication Technology within the Bavarian State Ministry of Finance formed on 1 August 2005 as part of the administrative reform in Bavaria. It was formed by a merge of the Bavarian State Survey Office and the survey departments of the district finance divisions responsible for cadastral survey. The LDBV has its headquarters in Munich, discharging it ...

CARTE Museum

The Cartographic Acquisition Research Teaching and Exhibition Museum was a small privately owned cartographic museum located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, dedicated to the preservation of original maps and atlases. The collection documented early North American continent exploration, centered on the present-day Louisiana Gulf Coast from the 1500s up to the appearance of aerial cartography in the early 20th century. Owner David Morgan closed the collection of maps to the public in 2017, citing economic downturn. The collection was disposed of by auction in blocks.

Commission on Maps and the Internet

The Maps and the Internet Commission of the International Cartographic Association was created in 1999 as one of the standing commissions of the International Cartographic Association. It promotes multi-national cartographic research in order to solve problems related to web-based cartography. The commission enhances cartographic education related to the Internet. In addition, the commission promotes professional and technical standards for maps available through the Internet. Like all commissions of the International Cartographic Association, formal members are assigned by individual coun ...

Dienst der Hydrografie

The Dienst der Hydrografie is, as part of the Royal Netherlands Navy, the Dutch Hydrographic Service responsible for surveying and charting Dutch waters in Europe and the Caribbean.


ⓘ Cartography organizations

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