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Cultural governance

Cultural governance is governance of culture. It includes cultural policy made by governments but extends also to cultural influence exerted by non-state actors and to policies which influence culture indirectly.

International Society for Cultural and Activity Research

The International Society for Cultural and Activity Research was founded in 2002 by the merging of the International Society for Cultural Research and Activity Theory and the Conference for Sociocultural Research. It is focused on sociocultural theory, and its application to practice.

Light Painting World Alliance

Light Painting World Alliance is a nonprofit organization. Its goal is to offer the light painting community a cross-border platform to show its art, to set up networks and to promote social concerns and further training by means of light painting. For this purpose LPWA established a network of local representatives from currently 30 countries worldwide. It was founded in December 2011 by Russian artist Sergey B. Churkin. LPWA showcases light painting works of its members in the context of exhibitions, conferences and special events using an advisory board of lightpainters for selection. I ...