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Abadan, Farhangian sector

Abadan, Iran is one of the neighborhoods cultural neighborhood with a huge dilemma in the name of environmental pollution related to waste, and recently this problem has been solved. The area north of the city of Abadan and is contiguous with Slych and Sangoori and housing, as well as the Samen alaeme boulevard passing through the neighborhood. This neighborhood has 400 residential units in the area of 280 and 290 square meters. Indoor sports halls and artificial grass pitches and new facilities this neighborhood. You can also use the clinic of Imam Reza and traffic and Babalhvaj mosque an ...


Abarsas was an ancient district in present-day southern Iran. It is first mentioned in the early 3rd-century as part of the fief of the Parthian dynast Mihrak. In 222, his fief was conquered by the Sasanian king Ardashir I, who two years later had it incorporated into the administrative division of Ardashir-Khwarrah.

Arjantin Square

Arjantin Square is a square in north central Tehran. The area surrounding the square is referred to as Yousefabad although this is an incorrect title. The area around the large square is home to a collection of embassies, businesses, Medical labs, hospitals and the Arjantin Beihaghi Bus Terminal, which is central Tehrans main national bus terminal.

Ash hills of West Azerbaijan Province

The ash hills of West Azerbaijan Province are a series of 65 man-made hills on the shores of Lake Urmia, Iran. The hills are artificial mounds of earth consisting of layers of ash and soil. Each hill rises to a height of 100 feet or more and covers an area large enough to have formed the foundations of small villages. One hill in particular, named Degalah, is described as "three or four hundred yards long, nearly as broad, and a hundred feet high." The source of the ashes is not clearly understood, but the mounds are clearly of human making as human artefacts are often found among the ashe ...

Bahmanshir Bridge at Istgah-e Haft, Abadan

Bahmanshir Bridge at Istgah-e Haft, which is commonly referred to as the Istgah-e Haft Bridge, is a bridge over the Bahmanshir River in the Istgah-e Haft neighborhood of Abadan, Iran. During the early part of the Iran–Iraq War, this bridge played a critical role during the Siege of Abadan, as it was one of only two bridges allowing access to Abadan Island making the key cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr difficult to capture. On March 10, 2002, the bridge was registered as historical monument #5002 on the list of Registered National Monuments of Iran.


Bokht-Ardashir was the name of a medieval town in the Sasanian province of Pars. It was founded in the early 3rd-century by the first Sasanian king Ardashir I after his flight from the court of the last Parthian king, Artabanus V. In 224, it was incorporated into the administrative division of Ardashir-Khwarrah.



Amanli is a village in Raz Rural District, Raz and Jargalan District, Bojnord County, North Khorasan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 832, in 204 families.


Arash gas field

The Arash gas field is an Iranian natural gas field that was discovered in 1967. It began production in 2013 and produces natural gas and condensates. The total proven reserves of the Arash gas field are around 20 trillion cubic feet and production is slated to be around 1.5 billion cubic feet/day.


Azerbaijan Square

Azerbaijan Square is the largest square in Tabriz. The square is in the vicinity of Tabriz International Airport. The aim for this square is mainly to welcoming new passengers who are entering to the city as Capital of Iranian Azerbaijan. It has an area about 125.000 m2 and is the largest square in Iran. 38.112789°N 46.269789°E / 38.112789, 46.269789



Buneh Island is located in the far north of the Persian Gulf and is one of the four major islands in the estuary Hvor e-Musi. Nearby islands include Dara island and Qabre Nakhoda. The island has an area of 2.5 km 2 1.0 square miles and from the mainland to the East 3 km 2 miles. Buneh extensions with a length of 7 km 4 mi to the East-West and a maximum height of 2 metres 6 ft 7 In above sea level


Choghakhor Lagoon

Choghakhor Lagoon is a lagoon in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province, Iran. The lagoon and its adjacent wetland is considered to be one of the most important sites in Iran for the endemic Zagros pupfish, Aphanius vladykovi.


Clarence Strait (Iran)

The Clarence Strait is a narrow strait separating the Iranian island of Qeshm from the Iranian mainland. It is the much smaller counterpart to the Strait of Hormuz. The native name for the strait is Khuran. Clarence Strait are the most extensive mangrove forests in the Persian Gulf, which is known as the Hara forests.


Darreh Khazineh

Darreh Khazineh is a village in Jelogir Rural District, in the Central District of Pol-e Dokhtar County, Lorestan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 63, in 13 families.



Darukan is a village in the central part of city functions Nikshahr in Irans Sistan and Baluchistan Province. It is a village in the district Mhban based on the Census Bureaus Census 1385, it has a population of 1.500 people and 301 households.


Ehsan Square

Ehsan Square is a plaza in the Maali Abad district of Shiraz, Iran, with roads connecting it towards the Shahrak Golestan and Sadra to its north and Farhang Shahr to its south.



Eran-Khwarrah-Yazdegerd was a short-lived province of the Sasanian Empire located in the northern part of the Gorgan province. The province was founded by shah Yazdegerd II.