ⓘ Taxonomic lists, genera, alphabetic ..


ⓘ Taxonomic lists (genera, alphabetic)

  • known trees and shrubs. Taxonomic families for the following trees and shrubs are listed in alphabetical order, likewise the genera and closely related species
  • This is a list of genera of biological viruses. See also Comparison of computer viruses. This is an alphabetical list of genera of biological viruses
  • The major tree genera are listed below by taxonomic family. For classification of flowering plants, see APG II system. About 210 eudicot families include
  • virus genera see List of genera of viruses. For a list of family - level viral taxa, see List of virus families and subfamilies. For a taxonomic list
  • the bases of subfamily Oldfieldioideae, its taxonomy remains the same: There are 4 subtribes and 13 genera Subtribe Dissiliariinae Austrobuxus also Buraeavia
  • fungi genera in the Parmeliaceae family of Lecanoromycetes. A phylogenetic classification system is outlined first, followed by an alphabetical listing
  • led to a reduction of genera and species as well as re - circumscription of sub - families, tribes and sub - tribes. Orchid taxonomy is still being revised
  • Wilson entomology, founder of sociobiology more... Lists of animals Ant genera alphabetical British ant species common names Non - endemic ant species
  • distributed among 35 genera six of which have only one species. The family s taxonomy is still unsettled the Clements taxonomy lists 231 species and Handbook
  • genera Subtribe Hamilcoinae Hamilcoa Nealchornea Subtribe Stomatocalycinae Pimelodendron also Stomatocalyx Plagiostyles Cultivated plant taxonomy Taxonomy