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Allocation concealment

In a randomized experiment, an allocation concealment strategy hides the method of sorting trial participants into treatment groups so that this knowledge cannot be exploited. Adequate allocation concealment serves to prevent study participants from choosing treatment allocations for subjects. Studies with poor allocation concealment are prone to selection bias. Some standard methods of ensuring allocation concealment include sequentially numbered, opaque, sealed envelopes SNOSE; sequentially numbered containers; pharmacy controlled randomization; and central randomization. CONSORT guideli ...

ASA style

ASA style is a widely accepted format for writing university research papers in the field of sociology. It specifies the arrangement and punctuation of footnotes and bibliographies. Standards for ASA style are specified in the ASA Style Guide, which is published by the American Sociological Association, the main scholarly organization for academic sociologists in the United States. The ASA Style Guide, published by the American Sociological Association, is designed to aid authors preparing manuscripts for ASA journals and publications.

Asian Banker Research

Asian Banker Research is one of the three major units of The Asian Banker. other units are Asian Banker Editorial and Asian Banker Forums. The Asian Banker launched a research division in 2003. The business compiles rankings, such as Asia Pacific banks by asset size and financial strength, CEO compensation, dividend payouts, the top 40 Islamic banking institutions in Asia, a databook of macro indicators of banking, payments and distribution, and industry performance. The division also writes management reports, research notes, country reports, and proprietary benchmarking on consumer banki ...

Research associate

Research associates are researchers that usually have an advanced degree beyond a Masters degree. A Research Associate is a budgeted position with a formal job description that is perpetual in an academic institution. In some universities/research institutes, such as Harvard/Harvard Medical School/Harvard School of Public Health, the candidate holds the degree of Ph.D. or possess training equivalent to that required for the Ph.D. In addition, the candidate must have demonstrated exceptional fitness in independent research. A Research Associate usually will lead a major part of a research g ...

Avian ecology field methods

There are many field methods available for conducting avian ecological research. They can be divided into three types: counts, nest monitoring, and capturing and marking.

Basic research

Basic research, also called pure research or fundamental research, has the scientific research aim to improve scientific theories for improved understanding or prediction of natural or other phenomena. Applied research, in turn, uses scientific theories to develop technology or techniques to intervene and alter natural or other phenomena. Though often driven by curiosity, basic research fuels applied sciences innovations. The two aims are often coordinated in research and development.