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Lawrence Andreasen

Lawrence Larry Edwin Andreasen was an American diver. He represented his country at the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, where he received the bronze medal in springboard diving. When the Cunard Lines Queen Mary ocean liner was permanently retired in Long Beach harbor in 1967 as a tourist attraction, at the grand opening festivities Andreasen dove off the ships bridge into the harbor, delighting the crowd although the impact heavily bruised his entire upper body for days afterward. In later years, Andreasen several times attempted to set the record for the highest dive from a bridge. On Sept ...

Sergei Chalibashvili

Sergei Chalibashvili was a Georgian competitive diver from the Soviet Union. He earned a silver medal at the European Youth Championship in 1978 in Florence, diving from the 10-meter diving platform.

Robert Emmet Odlum

Robert Emmet Odlum was an American swimming instructor. Odlum was the first person to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, and was killed doing so.

Sam Patch

Sam Patch, known as "The Jersey Jumper", "The Daring Yankee", or the "Yankee Leaper" became the first famous American daredevil after successfully jumping from a raised platform into the Niagara River near the base of Niagara Falls in 1829.

Bill Smith (outfielder)

William E. Smith was a Major League Baseball player, who appeared in one game for the 1884 Cleveland Blues of the National League as their left fielder. Smith died in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the age of 21 in a diving accident that broke his back.

Hod Stuart

William Hodgson "Hod" Stuart was a Canadian professional ice hockey cover-point who played nine seasons for several teams in different leagues. He also played briefly for the Ottawa Rough Riders football team. With his brother Bruce, Stuart played in the first professional ice hockey league, the American-based International Professional Hockey League, where he was regarded as one of the best players in the league. Frustrated with the violence associated with the IPHL, he left the league late in 1906 and returned to Canada, where in 1907 he helped the Montreal Wanderers win the Stanley Cup, ...


ⓘ Diving deaths

  • pressure diver may dive on breath - hold, or use breathing apparatus for scuba diving or surface - supplied diving and the saturation diving technique reduces
  • Scuba diving fatalities are deaths occurring while scuba diving or as a consequence of scuba diving The risks of dying during recreational, scientific
  • Investigation of diving accidents includes investigations into the causes of reportable incidents in professional diving and recreational diving accidents
  • Recreational diving or sport diving is diving for the purpose of leisure and enjoyment, usually when using scuba equipment. The term recreational diving may
  • Scuba diving is a mode of underwater diving where the diver uses a self - contained underwater breathing apparatus scuba which is completely independent
  • Technical diving also referred to as tec diving or tech diving is scuba diving that exceeds the agency - specified limits of recreational diving for non - professional
  • significant diving - related illnesses, decompression sickness and arterial gas embolism. Diving medicine deals with medical research on issues of diving the
  • Cave diving is underwater diving in water - filled caves. It may be done as an extreme sport, a way of exploring flooded caves for scientific investigation
  • person s psychological suitability for diving and has no reference to their diving skills. A certification of fitness to dive is generally for a specified period