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54 (novel)

54 is a novel by Wu Ming first published in Italian in 2002. Wu Ming is a collective of five authors founded in 2000. The members were formerly associated with the Luther Blissett Project, and four of them wrote the international best-selling novel Q. The novel is set in Italy, former Yugoslavia, Britain and the US during the year 1954. It has been translated into several languages. All of the editions keep the original copyright statement, which allows for non-commercial reproduction of the book.

1632 series

The 1632 series, also known as the 1632-verse or Ring of Fire series, is an alternate history book series and sub-series created, primarily co-written, and coordinated by Eric Flint and published by Baen Books. The series is set in 17th-century Europe, in which the small fictional town of Grantville, West Virginia, in the year 2000 was sent to the past in central Germany in the year 1631, during the Thirty Years War. As of 2015, the series has five published novels propelling the main plot and over ten published novels moving several subplots and threads forward. The series also includes f ...

1632-verse glossary of terminology

The following are some of the terms used in the 1632 series. Grantville: a West Virginia town based closely on the real town of Mannington, West Virginia containing a cast of about 3.500 of the "collective protagonists" exploring the "what if" theme of what sort of changes might come about in the chaotic history of the Thirty Years War and the resulting social and political development of Europe and the world if such a community of modern rural Americans landed in Europe one afternoon. NUS or New US by late fall 1631 – fall 1632 NTL: the New United States, located in southern and western T ...

The 1632 Slushpile

Slushpile is publishing trade jargon referring to the pile of unsolicited submissions to a periodical. 1632 series main author Eric Flint encouraged fans to contribute to the series, several short stories were published in the online magazine The Grantville Gazettes. In the "continuing adventure" of the Grantville Gazettes, according to Flint, the unsolicited stories began shaping the background thought in the series milieu, and the magazine "idea" was born whilst he tried to recoup some of the time costs involved in examining the fan fiction. Also, he judged some of the tales to be profes ...

1633 (novel)

1633 is an alternate history novel co-written by American authors Eric Flint and David Weber published in 2002, and sequel to 1632 in the 1632 series. 1633 is the second major novel in the series and together with the anthology Ring of Fire, the two sequels begin the series hallmarks of being a shared universe with collaborative writing being very common, as well as one - far more unusual - which mixes many canonical anthologies with its works of novel length. This in part is because Flint wrote 1632 as a stand-alone novel, though with enough "story hooks" for an eventual sequel, and becau ...

1634: The Baltic War

1634: The Baltic War is a sequel to both the first-of-type sequels, Ring of Fire and 1633, co-written by American authors Eric Flint and David Weber published in 2007. It had to await schedule co-ordination by the two authors, which proved difficult and delayed the work by nearly two years. It continues the Main or Central European thread centered on the newly organized United States of Europe birthed in Central Germany under the protection-by-arms of Emperor Gustavus Adolphus and in particular, the role of the citizens of Grantville, now of Thuringia, and the capital city of Magdeburg hav ...


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