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Harry Bailey

Harry Richard Bailey was an Australian psychiatrist and hospital administrator. He bore the primary responsibility for treatment of mental patients and drug dependent clients via deep sleep therapy and other methods at a mental hospital in the Sydney North Shore suburb of Pennant Hills; he was its principal. The treatment has been linked with the deaths of a total of 85 patients, including 19 who committed suicide. Bailey committed suicide while he was investigated. One of Baileys clients was Australian rock and pop singer and songwriter Stevie Wright, who was being treated for methadone a ...

Walter Bowart

Walter Howard Bowart was an American leader in the counterculture movement of the 1960s, founder and editor of the first underground newspaper in New York City, the East Village Other, and author of the book Operation Mind Control.

Donald Ewen Cameron

Donald Ewen Cameron 24 December 1901 – 8 September 1967) - known as D. Ewen Cameron or Ewen Cameron - was a Scottish-born psychiatrist who served as President of the American Psychiatric Association, Canadian Psychiatric Association, American Psychopathological Association, Society of Biological Psychiatry and World Psychiatric Association. In spite of his high professional reputation, he has been criticized for, among other things, his experimentation on adults and children as well as his involvement in child sexual abuse, administering electroconvulsive therapy and experimental drugs, in ...

Brock Chisholm

Brock Chisholm was a Canadian psychiatrist, medical practitioner, World War I veteran, and the first director-general of the World Health Organization. He was the 13th Canadian Surgeon General and the recipient of numerous accolades, including Order of Canada, Order of the British Empire, Military Cross, and Efficiency Decoration.

George Estabrooks

George Hoben Estabrooks was a Canadian-American psychologist and an authority on hypnosis during World War Two. He was a Harvard University graduate, a Rhodes Scholar, and chairman of the Department of Psychology at Colgate University. He used hypnosis to help spies have split personalities to not actually know they were spies in case of capture. He stated it was easy to create and easy to cure using hypnosis. He joined the First Canadian Division in his teens and at the age of 19 became the youngest commissioned Officer. Later in life, he became a 32nd degree Knight Templar Mason and wrot ...

Sidney Gottlieb

Sidney Gottlieb was an American chemist and spymaster best known for his involvement with the Central Intelligence Agencys 1950s and 60s assassination attempts and mind-control program, known as Project MKUltra.


ⓘ Mind control theorists

  • an American mental health counselor who has written on the subject of mind control and how to help people who have been harmed by the experience. He has
  • Mind control has proven a popular subject in fiction, featuring in books and films such as The Manchurian Candidate 1959 film adaptation 1962 and The
  • means of social control External sanctions enforced by government to prevent the establishment of chaos or anomie in society. Some theorists such as Emile
  • Convergence Team FACT FACT is a forum for bringing practitioners, theorists and analysts together to progress in conceiving and developing new approaches
  • simulation theory. The theory - theorist imagines a veritable theory - folk psychology - used to reason about others minds The theory is developed automatically
  • York City, the East Village Other, and author of the book Operation Mind Control Born Walter Howard Kirby in Omaha, Nebraska, Bowart was adopted as a
  • Whole brain emulation WBE mind upload or brain upload sometimes called mind copying or mind transfer is the hypothetical futuristic process of
  • American author and speaker who claims to be a victim of a government mind control program called Project Monarch which she alleges was part of the CIA s
  • Central Intelligence Agency s 1950s and 60s assassination attempts and mind - control program, known as Project MKUltra. Gottlieb, the son of Hungarian Jewish
  • Bernard Weiner in the 1970s. Before this time, attribution theorists and locus of control theorists had been largely concerned with divisions into external