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Abstinence (psychoanalysis)

Abstinence or the rule of abstinence is the principle of analytic reticence and/or frustration within a clinical situation. It is a central feature of psychoanalytic theory – relating especially to the handling of the transference in analysis. As Freud wrote in 1914, The cure must be carried through in abstinence. I mean by that not physical self-denial alone, nor the denial of every desire.But I want to state the principle that one must permit neediness and yearning to remain as forces favoring work and change.

Addiction psychology

Addiction psychology mostly comprises the clinical psychology and abnormal psychology disciplines and fosters the application of information obtained from research in an effort to appropriately diagnose, evaluate, treat, and support clients dealing without addiction. Throughout the treatment process addiction psychologists encourage behaviors that build wellness and emotional resilience to their physical, mental and emotional problems. The basis of addiction is controversial. Professionals view it as a disease or a choice. One model is referred to as the Disease model of addiction. The sec ...

Experiential avoidance

Experiential avoidance has been broadly defined as attempts to avoid thoughts, feelings, memories, physical sensations, and other internal experiences - even when doing so creates harm in the long-run. The process of EA is thought to be maintained through negative reinforcement - that is, short-term relief of discomfort is achieved through avoidance, thereby increasing the likelihood that the behavior will persist. Importantly, the current conceptualization of EA suggests that it is not negative thoughts, emotions, and sensations that are problematic, but how one responds to them that can ...

Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology

A Bachelor in Clinical Psychology is a type of postgraduate academic bachelors degree awarded by universities in many countries. This degree is typically studied for in Clinical Psychology.

Clinical Associate (Psychology)

In Scotland, a Clinical Associate is a shortened designation for a Clinical Associate in Applied Psychology. A Clinical Associate is a specialist regulated mental health professional whose duties include assessing, formulating, and treating clients all within specified ranges of conditions and age. Clinical Associates work either in primary care adult mental health settings or in a range of setting working with children, young people, and their families.

Clinical formulation

A clinical formulation, also known as case formulation and problem formulation, is a theoretically-based explanation or conceptualisation of the information obtained from a clinical assessment. It offers a hypothesis about the cause and nature of the presenting problems and is considered an adjunct or alternative approach to the more categorical approach of psychiatric diagnosis. In clinical practice, formulations are used to communicate a hypothesis and provide framework for developing the most suitable treatment approach. It is most commonly used by clinical psychologists and psychiatris ...


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