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Estimated number of civilian guns per capita by country

This is a list of countries by estimated number of privately-owned guns per 100 persons. The Small Arms Survey 2017 provides estimates of the total number of civilian-owned guns in a country. It then calculates the number per 100 persons. This number for a country does not indicate the percentage of the population that owns guns.

2011 Swiss gun control initiative

A referendum was held in Switzerland on 13 February 2011 on the federal popular initiative "For the protection against gun violence". It was rejected by 56% of voters and a majority of cantons.

Opposition to hunting

Opposition to hunting is espoused by people or groups who object to the practice of hunting, often seeking anti-hunting legislation and sometimes taking on acts of civil disobedience, such as hunt sabotage. Anti-hunting laws, such as the English Hunting Act 2004, are generally distinguishable from conservation legislation like the American Marine Mammal Protection Act by whether they seek to reduce or prevent hunting for perceived cruelty-related reasons or to regulate hunting for conservation, although the boundaries of distinction are sometimes blurred in specific laws, for example when ...

Child access prevention law

A child access prevention law makes it illegal for an adult to keep a gun in a place and manner so that a child can easily access and fire it. Proponents of these laws, such as the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, argue that they are effective at reducing accidental gun deaths among children, since they reduce accessibility and thereby risk. The National Rifle Association has lobbied against such laws, arguing that they are ineffective and infringe on the rights of gun owners to protect their homes.

Gun control

Gun control is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. Most countries have a restrictive firearm guiding policy, with only a few legislations being categorized as permissive. Jurisdictions that regulate access to firearms typically restrict access to only certain categories of firearms and then to restrict the categories of persons who will be granted a license to have access to a firearm. In some countries such as the United States, gun control may be legislated at either a federal level or a loc ...

Gun Nation

Gun Nation is a 2016 documentary film directed and produced by British photographer and filmmaker Zed Nelson. The film explores issues surrounding gun ownership, gun violence, and gun culture in the United States and marks 18 years since the directors award-winning photography book of the same name. It was commissioned by The Guardian and by the Bertha Foundation, executive produced by Charlie Phillips and released online on September 16, 2016. The film was the first production to be screened in the documentary section of The Guardian.


ⓘ Gun politics

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