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Adaptive rowing

In 1913, rowing for individuals with disabilities was initiated by headmaster George Clifford Brown at Worcester College for the Blind in Great Britain. Brown encouraged blind students to participate in particular sports in which they would be able to compete at an equal level to sighted players and do so without modifications. Other organizations dedicated to rehabilitating the blind, such as St. Dunstans Hostel, started rowing clubs shortly afterwards in 1915. Competitive rowing with blind rowers first began in 1914 between Worcester College and the Old Boys in one race and Worcester Col ...

One-armed versus one-legged cricket

One-armed versus one-legged is a form of cricket in which one team has cricketers with only one arm while the members of the other team only have one leg. There have been several matches of this sort, held for the annual benefit of the Greenwich pensioners – sailors pensioned off from the Royal Navy and resident at the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich. These sailors often lost limbs during naval service in the 18th century and so the teams were drawn from the ranks of the pensioners. In 1861, Charles Dickens reported a civilian match at Peckham Rye in his magazine, All the Year Round.


Para-cycling is the sport of cycling adapted for cyclists who have various disabilities. It is governed by the Union Cycliste Internationale. The sport consists of seven different events which include road and track races. The worlds elite para-cyclists compete at Track and Road Worlds Championships, the Paralympic Games and the World Cup.


Racerunning is an athletic discipline for disabled athletes or racerunners. Athletes use a running bike, a three-wheeled frame with a saddle, body support and most notably, no pedals. Athletes run over distances similar to other track and road running disciplines; 100, 200, 400, 800metres as well as 10kilometres, half and full marathons. The sport of racerunning was founded in Denmark in 1991 by Paralympian Connie Hansen and present international racerunning coordinator Mansoor Siddiqi.

Ski for Light

Ski for Light, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded in 1975 that provides opportunities for visually impaired and mobility-impaired people to experience cross-country skiing. It hosts an annual, week-long event at various U.S. locations.

Special Hockey

Special Hockey is a version of ice hockey adapted for athletes with a developmental disability or cognitive disorder. It differs from ice sledge hockey, which was developed instead for athletes with a physical disability. Special hockey is sometimes known as adaptive hockey, and emphasizes fun, teamwork, social interaction, and providing an environment adapted to the ability of the participant. It provides an opportunity to be accepted and part of a team, that otherwise would not exist. Special hockey programs are open to males and females of all ages, not just children. Special hockey use ...


STARskaters.org, a US Paralympic Sport Club, was founded by Sugar Land, Texas businessman Jim ONeill in 2008. The organization is composed of Houston area volunteers, many of whom are hockey players, skating instructors, figure skaters, coaches and officials.

Telephone Pioneers of America Park

Telephone Pioneers of America Park, also known as Telephone Pioneers Park or Telephone Park, is an adaptive recreation park serving the needs of physically disabled persons in Phoenix, Arizona. The park opened in 1988 from private donations collected by the Telephone Pioneers of America and is the first barrier-free park in the United States. Managed by the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department, the park features two beep baseball fields, a therapeutic pool, a wheelchair-accessible playground, an 18-station exercise course, racquetball, volleyball, tennis, basketball and shuffleboard. Pi ...


ⓘ Disabled sports

  • Disabled sports also adaptive sports or parasports, are sports played by people with a disability, including physical and intellectual disabilities.
  • Disability sports in Australia is the component of sports in Australia encompasses disabled sports programs for Australians with a disability, including
  • Cameroonian Federation of Sports the Intellectually Disabled FECASDI French: Federation Camerounaise Des Sports Pour Deficients Intellectuals Fecasdi
  • Disabled Sports USA serves more than 60, 000 disabled athletes annually, making it one of the largest national multi - sport, multi - disability organizations
  • Disabled sports in Spain started in the 1910s with the emergence of deaf sport. Blind sport began in the 1930s. Sport for people with physical disabilities
  • International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation IWAS is an international sports organisation that governs sports for athletes with physical impairments
  • The Riding for the Disabled Association, also known as the RDA is a United Kingdom based charity focused on providing horse - riding and carriage driving
  • The Israel Sports Center for the Disabled ISCD is an Israeli institution operated by ILAN aimed at rehabilitation of the physically challenged. The ISCD
  • Australia portal Sports portal Queensland portal Australia at the Paralympics Disabled sports Meet our team Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association.
  • Disability Sport England DSE and originally as the British Sports Association for the Disabled BSAD Its head office is based at Loughborough in Leicestershire