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Conflict (1936 film)

Pat Glendon Wayne is a former lumberjack turned bare-knuckle boxer who travels the countryside as part of gambling scam operated by Gus "Knockout" Carrigan for a New York City syndicate. Glendon arrives ahead of the travelling boxing exhibition, ...

Contest (1932 film)

Contest is a 1932 German sports film directed by Erich Schonfelder and starring Manfred von Brauchitsch, Evelyn Holt, and Kurt Vespermann. It is set in the world of motor racing. It was the final film directed by Schonfelder. The films sets were ...

County Fair (1937 film)

County Fair is a 1937 American drama film directed by Howard Bretherton and starring John Arledge, Mary Lawrence and J. Farrell MacDonald. It was a remake of the 1932 film The County Fair.

The Crowd Roars (1938 film)

The Crowd Roars is a 1938 film starring Robert Taylor as a boxer who gets entangled in the seamier side of the sport. It was remade in 1947 as Killer McCoy, featuring Mickey Rooney in the title role. This film was not a remake of the 1932 film of ...

Death Drives Through

Death Drives Through is a 1935 British sports drama film directed by Edward L. Cahn and starring Chili Bouchier, Robert Douglas and Miles Mander. It was made as a quota quickie by the independent producer Clifford Taylor at Ealing Studios. The ra ...

Donalds Golf Game

Donalds Golf Game is a cartoon released by the Walt Disney Company in 1938. Donald falters on the fairway while his caddies Huey, Dewey, and Louie all try to "tee" him off, with a grasshopper and a bag of trick clubs.

Eyes of Fate

Eyes of Fate is a 1933 British sports fantasy film directed by Ivar Campbell and starring Allan Jeayes, Valerie Hobson and Terence De Marney. It is a quota quickie, made at Shepperton Studios. It is also known by the alternative title of All the ...

The Game That Kills

The Game That Kills is a 1937 American sports mystery film, directed by D. Ross Lederman. It stars Charles Quigley, Rita Hayworth, and John Gallaudet.

A Gentleman of the Ring (1932 film)

A Gentleman of the Ring is a 1932 French sports film directed by Robert Bibal and starring Geo Laby, Vanda Greville and Gaston Dubosc. It is a remake of the 1926 silent film A Gentleman of the Ring.

Golden Boy (1939 film)

Golden Boy is a 1939 American drama romance sports film directed by Rouben Mamoulian and starring Barbara Stanwyck, Adolphe Menjou and William Holden. It is based on the 1937 play of the same title by Clifford Odets.

Idol of the Crowds

Idol of the Crowds is a 1937 American drama sport film directed by Arthur Lubin and starring John Wayne as an ice hockey player. It was one of a series of non-Westerns Wayne made for Universal. The film was originally called Hell on Ice but the H ...

Indianapolis Speedway (film)

Indianapolis Speedway is a 1939 American drama film directed by Lloyd Bacon and written by Sig Herzig and Wally Kline.The film stars Ann Sheridan, Pat OBrien, John Payne, Gale Page, Frank McHugh and Grace Stafford. The film was released by Warner ...

Knockout (1935 film)

Knockout is a 1935 German sports film directed by Carl Lamac and Hans H. Zerlett and starring Anny Ondra, Max Schmeling, and Hans Schonrath. After impressing a boxing trainer during a brawl over a woman, a young man is recruited and trained to be ...

Love in the Ring

Love in the Ring is a 1930 German sports film directed by Reinhold Schunzel and starring Max Schmeling, Renate Muller and Olga Tschechowa. Schmeling was a leading German boxer of the 1930s, and the film attempted to capitalise on this. Schmeling ...

Lucky Blaze

Lucky Blaze is a 1933 British sports film directed by Widgey R. Newman and starring William Freshman, Vera Sherborne and Moore Marriott. It was made as a quota quickie.

A Million to One (film)

A Million to One is a 1937 American drama film directed by Lynn Shores and written by John T. Neville. The film stars Bruce Bennett, Joan Fontaine, Reed Howes, Monte Blue, Kenneth Harlan and Suzanne Kaaren. The film was released on March 3, 1937, ...

The Personality Kid

The Personality Kid is a 1934 American drama film directed by Alan Crosland, starring Pat OBrien and Glenda Farrell. The film was based on a story by Gene Towne and C. Graham Baker. It was released by Warner Bros. in July 7, 1934. A young prizefi ...

Play Ball (film)

Play Ball is an animated short film by Terrytoons. It is the penultimate film featuring Kiko the Kangaroo. In reissue prints, the film goes by its alternate title Kiko at the Bat!.

Porky & Daffy

In 1987, WPHL-TV Channel 17 in Philadelphia at the time issued a technical difficulty moment after a film-flutter and sound warble leading to the title-card on a colorized Sunset Productions 16mm print of Porky & Daffy.

Rivals for the World Record

Rivals for the World Record is a 1930 German sports film directed by Erno Metzner and starring Bob Stoll, Liselotte Schaak and Nien Soen Ling.

St. Louis Woman (film)

St. Louis Woman is a 1934 American musical drama film directed by Albert Ray and starring Jeanette Loff, Johnny Mack Brown and Earle Foxe. It is also known by the alternative title of Missouri Nightingale. After being expelled from college for sp ...


Wallace Beery plays eternally inebriated ex-veterinarian Tom Terry. An aspiring jockey Mickey Rooney idolizes Tom, who reciprocates by passing along horsemanship advice to the kid. The films dramatic high point is where Tom, judgement benumbed by ...

Stadium (film)

Stadium is a 1934 Italian sports film directed by Carlo Campogalliani and starring Emma Guerra, Maria Arcione, and Giorgio Censi. The films sets were designed by Gastone Medin.

Sto metrow milosci

Antoni Rozycki Eugeniusz Koszutski Stefania Betcherowa Konrad Tom. Moniek vel Mieszek Oszczep-Sardinenfis Franciszek Petersile. Janusz Pedalowicz Adolf Dymsza. Dodek Ludwik Lawinski. Rybkes Krystyna Ankwicz. Lili Dora Kalinowna. Dora, Rybkes sist ...

The Kings of Sport

The Kings of Sport is a 1937 French comedy film directed by Pierre Colombier and starring Raimu, Fernandel and Jules Berry. It was made at the Billancourt Studios in Paris. The films sets were designed by the art director Jacques Colombier. The f ...

There Aint No Justice

There Aint No Justice is a 1939 British sports drama film directed by Pen Tennyson and starring Jimmy Hanley, Edward Chapman and Edward Rigby. The film is based on the 1937 novel of the same name by James Curtis.

Thoroughbred (film)

Thoroughbred is a 1936 Australian race-horse drama film directed by Ken G. Hall, partly based on the life and career of Phar Lap. Hollywood star Helen Twelvetrees was imported to Australian to appear in the film. The film also stars Frank Leighto ...

Toby Tortoise Returns

Toby Tortoise Returns is a 1936 animated Technicolor cartoon in Walt Disneys Silly Symphonies series. It was directed by Wilfred Jackson. It is a sequel to the 1935 short The Tortoise and the Hare, and premiered on August 22, 1936. This time the ...

Trouble Brewing (1939 film)

Trouble Brewing is a 1939 British comedy film directed by Anthony Kimmins and starring George Formby, Googie Withers and Gus McNaughton. It was made by Associated Talking Pictures, and includes the songs "Fanlight Fanny" and "Hitting the Highspot ...

Two-Fisted Gentleman

Jimmy OGatty as Mac June Clayworth as Ginger Reginald Simpson Muriel Evans as June Prentice John Tyrrell as Man in Lunch Wagon Wilson Benge as Butler May Wallace as Mrs. Bainbridge Frank Marlowe as Man in Gym Paul Guilfoyle as Gallagher George Ma ...

Warned Off

Warned Off is a 1930 British silent film directed by Walter West and starring Tony Wylde, Chili Bouchier and Queenie Thomas. It was made at Cricklewood Studios.

Magic Midget

The Magic Midgets were a number of record-breaking 750cc "midget" MG cars of the 1930s. They were most notably, but not always, driven by George Eyston. Although of small engine capacity, they were frequently supercharged to increase performance. ...

Powerplus supercharger

The Powerplus is a design of supercharger that was used to boost the performance of car engines in the 1930s. It is a mechanically driven positive displacement pump, operating on the sliding-vane principle.

Thomson & Taylor

Thomson & Taylor were a motor-racing engineering and car-building firm, based within the Brooklands race track. They were active between the wars and built several of the famous land speed record breaking cars of the day.

Saint Stephens Day bandy

Saint Stephens Day bandy is a Swedish sporting event in which elite bandy matches are played on Saint Stephens Day. During the 20th century, it became a Christmas tradition in Sweden.

The Art of Self Defense (1941 film)

After a brief history on the many different forms of manly arts through the years, from early man bashing each other with their primitive weapons and kicks, to Egyptians poking at their opponents eyes, to the Medieval Era where knights in armor h ...

The Art of Skiing

The Art of Skiing is a Goofy cartoon made by Walt Disney Productions in 1941. It has historical significance as the first cartoon to use the now-famous Goofy holler, as well as the short that led to the "How to." series, beginning with How to Pla ...

Baseball Bugs

Baseball Bugs is a 1946 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical animated cartoon starring Bugs Bunny which was originally released on February 2, 1946. In the short, Bugs Bunny singlehandedly defeats the "Gas-House Gorillas", a baseball team of hulk ...

Double Dribble (film)

A series of characters of the same species as Goofy are playing a game of college basketball, with one team representing "U.U." and the other representing the hopelessly outmatched and undersized "P.U." The short primarily focuses on a wide gamut ...

Duke of Chicago

Duke of Chicago is a 1949 61-minute short film released in the United States by Republic Pictures and starring Tom Brown, Audrey Long and DeForest Kelley. Directed by George Blair, the film portrays a retired boxer, Jimmy Brody, who leaves his bo ...

Easy Living (1949 film)

Easy Living is a 1949 American drama film directed by Jacques Tourneur, starring Victor Mature, Lizabeth Scott and Lucille Ball. The film features the real-life Los Angeles Rams football team.

Five Red Tulips

Five Red Tulips is a 1949 French crime film directed by Jean Stelli and starring Rene Dary, Suzanne Dehelly and Raymond Bussieres. The films sets were designed by the art director Jacques Colombier. During the Tour de France, five riders are murd ...

Goofy Gymnastics

Goofy enters home tired after a hard day at work. Exhausted, he suddenly notices an exercise advertisement in his newspaper. He orders gymnastics equipment and with the aid of an instruction record he tries out using the barbells, the chin-up bar ...

How to Play Baseball

How to Play Baseball is a cartoon produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by RKO Radio Pictures in September 1942, produced at the request of Samuel Goldwyn and first shown to accompany the 1942 feature film The Pride of the Yankees.

How to Play Football

How to Play Football is a short film by Disney starring Goofy, released on September 15, 1944. The seven and a half minute film was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.

How to Swim

This is the Disney cartoon. For the Glasgow orchestral rock band see How to Swim band How to Swim is a cartoon made by Walt Disney Productions in 1942.

In This Corner (1948 film)

Cy Kendall as Tiny Reed Cliff Clark as CPO Mike Burke Ralph Dunn as Gus James Millican as Charles Tug Martin John Indrisano as Johnny Hart Scott Brady as Jimmy Weston Tommy Garland as Paddy Dillon Don Forbes as TV Sportscaster John Doucette as Du ...

The Kid from Brooklyn

The Kid from Brooklyn is a 1946 American musical comedy film directed by Norman Z. McLeod and starring Danny Kaye, Virginia Mayo, Vera-Ellen, Steve Cochran, Walter Abel, Eve Arden, and Fay Bainter. Virginia Mayos and Vera-Ellens singing voices we ...

The Man from Down Under

The Man from Down Under is an American 1943 drama film starring Charles Laughton as a man who raises two war orphans. It was called "Hollywoods first full-length film dealing exclusively with Australia and Australians".

The Miracle Kid

John Ince as Commissioner Paul Bryar as Rocco Adele Smith as Lorraine Joe Gray as Kayo Kane Sam Lufkin as Referee Gertrude Messinger as Marge Gene ODonnell as Usher Betty Blythe as Madame Gloria Larry McGrath as Referee Tom Neal as Jimmy Connley ...